The 4ever Update: An Introduction


Dec 6th, 2019

Greetings, Saviors!


Today we are proud to announce that our next major content update, 4ever, will soon arrive to TOS. With the 4ever Update, we will be introducing not only new classes, but also new content, systems and items.


Today’s post will be a brief introduction of the changes to come in our 4ever update.




Five New Classes



Blossom Blader

Blossom Bladers belong to the Swordsman Tree and makes use of both one-handed and two-handed swords. They are an offense-oriented class characterized by their speedy attacks.



Terramancer is also a class that focuses on attacks with Earth-property spells that involve sands and rocks.



Arbalester is a class that non-stop barrage of attacks with the crossbow against single and multiple enemies.



Crusader is a more varied class that can act as both a magic DPS or a healer depending on the [Chant] it chooses to use.



Rangda is a debuff-centered class that uses its ‘Barong’ to remove buffs from enemies and weaken them.




Equipment and Item Changes


It is the dev team’s intention to motivate players to collect the various in-game items and equipment. We will make it easier for our players to obtain the said items and the various bonus stats will be integrated and newly introduced and the formulas for battle damage calculations overhauled in order to adjust to the changes made.



Random Bonus Stats


- The maximum bonus stat obtainable will be identical for all equipment grades and the items of Unique grade or above will be guaranteed to have a bonus stat equal to at least 80% of the maximum possible stat.

- The numerical range of bonus stats obtainable on an equipment will be displayed.

- New Magnifying Glass item will be introduced that lets you re-roll only the selected random bonus stat.

- Additional property damages and property resistance bonus stats will no longer appear and be integrated into the new ‘additional damage/additional damage resistance’ stats (Existing stats will remain on the affected equipment and their effects will be combined)



Ichor Difficulty Adjustment


- The rate of successful Ichor Extraction will be increased by two-fold.

- The number of items required for Ichor Transmutation will be reduced to 2 from 3.



Dismantling and Enchanting Overhaul


- Items obtained from Dismantling will be increased by maximum of 50% depending on the dismantled equipment’s Transcendence stage for all Dismantling.

- Awakening and Enchant Jewel stats can now be transferred between equipment of identical grade, level requirement and equipment slot.



Adjustment of Weapon Attacks by Type


- Weapons, categorized by one-handed and two-handed, will have their attack values adjusted to be closer to the highest attack value available within their respective category.

- The attack value ranges will be adjusted for all weapons. For example, one-handed weapons will have a smaller value range while the range will be wider with two-handed weapons.



Leather Armor Adjustments


- The DEF value of Leather Armor will be increased by 50%.

- Leather Mastery’s 10% increase in critical chance will remain unchanged (the maximum critical chance cap will not be applied for PvP environments).




New Items



New Sub-Weapons: Weapon Accessories


- Weapon Accessories slot will be added where new accessories can be equipped simultaneously with two-handed weapons.



New Equipment: Ark


- New ‘Ark’ equipment slot will be added.



New Legend Equipment and Set Effects


- The new ‘Disnai’ Legend grade equipment will be added.

- New set effects will be made available for the new Disnai Legend equipment.



New Unique Equipment


- New Unique grad items will be added with fixed stats, which can be obtained by hunting monsters in the new Episode 12 areas.
- The new Unique equipment will be more difficult to obtain by comparison but they will have higher stats as compensation.



Combat Overhaul



Changes in the Combat Calculations



- The combat calculations will now be integrated into the overall combat damage as percentages instead of addition/subtraction.
- Property Attack/Defense values will be removed and replaced with Additional Damage/Additional Damage Resistance. The values calculated will be integrated with addition/subtraction and non-property targets will receive additional +10% damage.
- HP/SP recovery will be improved with higher max. HP/SP values, up to an amount equal to 20% of the player's max. HP/SP values.



PvP Combat Calculations


- Various skills will now be able to reduce HP recovery effects by up to 50%.
- Various skills will now be able to remove enemy buffs and ally debuffs.
- Calculations for Critical Resistance, Block and Evasion will now be adjusted to be just as effective as attacks-based stats.
- Base chance for Critical Strikes, Blocks and Accuracy will be added and reflected in the combat mechanics.
- Increased chance for evasion will be added when battling enemies of lower levels, which will range from 2~60% (they will be integrated into the combat calculation at the final step through multiplication).



New Content


- New areas and quests will be added for Episode 12.
- Saalus and Mercenary Post Missions will be merged with the Lv. 400 Instanced Dungeon and be available during different days of the week.
- Challenge Mode in Episode 12 areas will now provide increased item drop rates up to five times based on the number of players belonging to the party.
- 'Goddess' Blessing' event will be added for Unique Raid: Casual, which will be similar to the 'Goddess' Grace' event.




That will be all for today, but keep a look out for more on the way!




* The information disclosed above are currently works in progress and are subject to change with future developmenet.