UPDATEKnown Issue: November 13, 2019


Nov 12th, 2019

Greetings, Saviors.


The following issue has recently come to our attention:


- The Transcendence Selection Box from November 2019 Leticia's Cube containing Stage 9 Transcendence Scroll instead of Stage 10.


- Players receiving Rank C items from Leticia's Cube Special Reward Event


We will be taking the following measures in order to resolve the issue:



A) For players who have chosen to obtain a Stage 9 Transcendence Scroll

- We will be providing you with the number of Blessed Gems required to reach 100% Stage 10 Transcendence (which is 65 for two-handed weapons).



B) For players who have chosen the Blessed Gem x100 because of the news that Stage 9 Scroll is contained in the box

- Send us a ticket with your Server and Team Name details and we will replace the Blessed Gem x100 from your inventory and replace them with a Stage 10 Transcendence Scroll


C) For players who have not yet opened the Transcendence Selection Box


- We will be replacing the box with the one that contains Stage 10 Transcendence scrolls through a temporary maintenance. Please, open the box after maintenance is over if you want to obtain a Stage 10 Transcendence Scroll.



D) For players who have received Rank C items as part of the Special Reward Event


- We will be issuing all players who have obtained a Rank C item with a compensation box.



We are sorry for the inconvenience caused and thank you yet again for your patience and understanding.




IMC Staff