Goddess' Grace: Grand Opening


Oct 28th, 2019


Greetings, Saviors!


We are holding a giveaway event to celebrate the grand opening of the Goddess' Grace event, now available in TOS. Participate for cute Goddess Medeina emotes!






Event Period



FROM the scheduled maintenance on October 29, 2019
TO the scheduled maintenance on November 12, 2019




Who Can Participate



- This event is open to players of all levels




How to Participate



STEP 1. Participate in the Goddess' Grace event and go in the draw to win a reward from the available item pool! (Please refer to our Patch Note to learn more about the Goddes' Grace event.)


STEP 2. Two new Goddess Medeina emotes will be sent to the mailbox of all players who have entered the Goddess' Grace draw at least once on November 13, 2019.