Sweet Candy Surprise Returns


Sep 9th, 2019

Greetings, Saviors!


Sweet candy for everyone. Again! Login to the game to receive special Sweet Candy accessories daily and a cutesy Latte Art hairpiece and Attribute Points for the event's duration.




Event Period



FROM September 11, 2019
TO September 16, 2019




Who Can Participate



- Players of ALL LEVELS




How to Participate



- Connect to the game during the event period to receive a special daily gift in your mailbox for 6 days!






- September 11 (Wednesday): Sugar Necklace (Physical) (14 Days)


- September 12 (Thursday): Sugar Necklace (Magic) (14 Days)


- September 13 (Friday): Sugar Bracelet (Magic) (14 Days) x2


- September 14 (Saturday): Sugar Bracelet (Physical) (14 Days) x2


- September 15 (Sunday): Latte Art: Cat


- September 16 (Monday): Attribute Points: 1000 (14 Days) x2



* Set bonus stats for Sugar accessories:
2 Set Bonus: Physical ATK +60, Magic ATK +60
3 Set Bonus: Movement Speed +2







- All event items, except for the Latte Art: Cat accessory, will be available to use for a 14-day duration.
- All items acquired in the event cannot be enhanced, transcended, traded personally or over the market, but are transferrable between characters over Team Storage.