UPDATESummer Festa

By STAFF_William

Aug 20th, 2019

Greetings, Saviors!


It's a hot summer. How about a cool vacation in Klaipeda with your friends?





Event Period



FROM the scheduled maintenance on August 20, 2019
TO the scheduled maintenance on October 15, 2019




How to Participate



STEP 1. You can collect [Event] Vasalos Coins from Summer Vacation in Klaipeda and I Love My Guild events.


STEP 2. Visit the Event Help NPC to exchange the [Event] Vasalos Coins with various rewards. Here are some of the available items.


[Event] Savinose Weapon Selection Box for [Event]Vasalos Coins x 6,500 up to 1 time per team

[Event] Savinose Armor Selection Box for [Event]Vasalos Coins x 600 up to 4 times per team

[Event] Stage 8 Transcendence Scroll (90 days) for [Event]Vasalos Coins x 3,445 up to 4 time per team


[Event] TOS Beach Ball for [Event] Vasalos Coins x 50 up to 1 time per team

[Event] Popolion Pirate Costume (Male) for [Event] Vasalos Coins x 2,000 up to 1 time per team

[Event] Popolion Pirate Costume (Female) for [Event] Vasalos Coins x 2,000 up to 1 time per team

[Event] Shark Pirate Costume (Male) for [Event] Vasalos Coins x 500 up to 1 time per team

[Event] Shark Pirate Costume (Female) for [Event] Vasalos Coins x 500 up to 1 time per team

And More!





1. Summer Vacation in Klaipeda




Who Can Participate



- Characters of level 50 and above




How to Participate



STEP 1. First, you’re going to need some currency, so login to Tree of Savior and start collecting that Magic Ice! Whenever you’re logged in, you will automatically receive 5 cubes of Magic Ice in your character’s inventory every 30 minutes for 2 hours.


STEP 2. If that’s not enough, head out to any regular field or Hunting Grounds for a chance to get even more Magic Ice from defeated monsters.


STEP 3. Pay a visit to the Beach Bar in the city of Klaipeda (in front of the Fishing Spot!) and talk to the Bartender to exchange your cubes of Magic Ice for refreshing treats and [Event]Vasalos Coins! You can purchase each treat 3 times per day, per team. Here’s what’s on the menu.


Exchange Magic Ice x 5 for:
[Beach Bar] BBQ Prawn Skewers and [Event] Vasalos Coins x5
- HP +500 and SP +500 every 10 seconds for 30 minutes


Exchange Magic Ice x 10 for:
[Beach Bar] Blue Lemonade and [Event] Vasalos Coins x10
- Movement speed +2 for 30 minutes


Exchange Magic Ice x 20 for:
[Beach Bar] Fresh Coconut Water and [Event] Vasalos Coins x20
- Looting Chance +300 for 30 minutes


STEP 4. Become a regular of the Beach Bar for even more rewards! After purchasing the same treat 20 times, a permanent version of that treat and more [Event]Vasalos Coins will automatically be sent to your inventory. Permanent treats are not consumed and can be used 1 time per day. Their effects are the same as the [Beach Bar] items, but with a 1-hour duration! Also, you can keep these treats as toys even after the event!


STEP 5. Enjoy your time at the Beach Bar for additional buffs! Relax near the Beach Bar tables for 1 minute to receive +20% EXP gains for 1 hour! You can receive this buff 1 time per day, per character.





2. I Love My Guild




Who Can Participate



- Characters of all levels




How to Participate



STEP 1. Start a new guild. The Guild Master will receive a Guild Lv. 4 EXP Card upon creation of the guild. Using this item will raise your Guild Level to 4 instantly. This item is available only once per guild, per team, and can only be used at Guild Level 1. 


STEP 2. Or join an existing guild. Visit the Event Helper NPC to receive Attribute Points: 1,000 x1(Players already belonging to a Guild can receive them too). Come back every week to receive an additional Attribute Points: 500 item (resets every Thursday midnight, server time). 


STEP 3. Enjoy the game as a Guild member to receive the following benefits.


- All guild members gain an additional 20% EXP
- All guild EXP items(Talt, [Event]T alt, Guild Quest Reward Coins) will yield 20% additional Guild EXP
- Players now have DOUBLE the chance to obtain a companion egg for completing Guild Quests.
- The outcome from the farm of the guild hangout gets double
- Attribute Points: 1,000 x3 will be added to the reward for completion of weekly guild quest Guild Foundation
- Enter the Guild Hangout every day and receive Megaphone x5 (resets at midnight, server time)

Additional rewards are also available for completing Guild Quests (Guild Missions and Guild Raids).
- 1 time completion: Soaked Monster Card Album
- 3 times completion: Symbol of Guild Membership x10 (Looting Chance +200, 30 minutes duration, 5 minutes cooldown, individual only)
- 5 times completion: Title - Core Member Box x2


STEP 4. Visit Event Help NPC and receive [Event] Vasalos Coins x400.








- All unspent [Event] Vasalos Coins, all items exchanged using [Event] Vasalos Coins will be removed during the scheduled maintenance of October 22, 2019, a week after the end of the event.


Summer Vacation in Klaipeda


- Daily participation counts for this event reset at 00:00, server time.
- Total daily time is counted on a per-team basis, meaning you can play with different characters throughout the time you are logged in and still receive the Magic Ice every 30 minutes.
- Automatic Magic Ice rewards also reset at 00:00 (server time), so if you log in after 23:30, you will NOT receive all the rewards for that day.
- Time is NOT counted in the server selection screen, Lodge or Team Battle League matches.
- The first batch of Magic Ice is sent to your inventory as soon as you log in. The Ice is always sent to the inventory of the character with which you are currently logged in.
- Magic Ice will drop only from monsters up to 30 levels lower or higher than your character. It will not drop from monsters in instanced dungeons and missions.
[Beach Bar] items can only be consumed inside the cities of Klaipeda, Orsha, and Fedimian. Their effects can be stacked with other items.
Permanent treats can be used anywhere. Their effects can be stacked with other items, except [Beach Bar] items (e.g. you can’t stack a ‘Fresh Coconut Water’ with a ‘[Beach Bar] Fresh Coconut Water’).
- If you use a permanent treat more than once in a day, you will still see the animation but the buff effects will NOT apply.
- All items received from this event are untradeable, but they CAN be transferred via Team Storage.
- All unspent Magic Ice and [Beach Bar] items will be removed during the scheduled maintenance of October 22, 2019, a week after the end of the event.
- The permanent treat items will NOT be removed, but their buff effects will NO LONGER be activated after the event period.


I Love My Guild


- You can receive Attribute Points as long as you are a guild member. You do not have to stay in the same Guild through the event to receive Attribute Points. 
- Guild Lv. 4 EXP Card will only be given to new Guilds that have been started during the event period.
- You can declare war on other Guilds through the Guild Tower. If you don't want a guild war, don't forget to set your Guild status to Neutral in your Guild UI.
- Guild Quest completion count will be counted per Team and not the entire Guild.
- All unspent items and non-permanent items from the event and Event Help NPC will be removed during the scheduled maintenance of October 22, 2019, a week after the end of the event.