UPDATE[Important] Boruta and Guild Content Participation


Aug 11th, 2019

Greetings, Saviors.


We will be closing down the Borutos Kapas GvG raid temporarily on the scheduled maintenance on August 13 to prepare to reintroduce the content as a Battle at Sulivinas Lair(Borutos Kapas Guild Quest) during our Legend Raid update on August 20th, 2019. To coincide with our content update, we are making an early announcement to let you know that only those players who have had at least 2 weeks of membership in a Guild will be eligible to participate in the new Borutos Kapas Guild Quest and Guild Territory Wars. 


Please note that the last Boruta(GvG) will be spawned on August 12 and if Boruta isn't successfully defeated by the start of scheduled maintenance on August 13, 2019, no players will be able to receive the current rewards available from Borutos Kapas(GvG).


Also, only 3 Guilds at maximum will be eligible to start the Battle at Sulivinas Lair Guild Quest, as the prerequisite for starting the Quest is that your Guild needs to have successfully seized a Spot in the previous week's GTW.
However, since the GTW following our content update will include 6 GTW Spots in total, a maximum of 6 Guilds will be eligible to start the Battle at Sulivinas Lair Guild Quest from the following week onwards(the week starting from Monday, August 26th)



To summarize:


1) Borutos Kapas GvG will be temporarily removed during the scheduled maintenance on August 13, 2019 and reintroduced as a Guild Quest on August 20, 2019.
2) Only 3 Guild maximum will be able to start the new Battle at Sulivinas Lair in the first week depending on the Spots seized in the previous GTW. The number will be increased to 6 Guilds maximum from the following week onwards.
3) Players must have been a member of a Guild for at least 2 weeks to participate in ALL GUILD CONTENT as well as the new Boruta Guild Quest.



Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Tree of Savior Team