Teliavelis’ Little Helper Season 2

By STAFF_William

Aug 19th, 2019

Greetings, Saviors!


Fedimian’s resident blacksmith is once again looking for someone to help him collect a rare ore he’s been researching. Find him the ore and receive a reward every day!




Event Period


FROM the scheduled maintenance on August 20, 2019
TO the scheduled maintenance on September 3, 2019


Who Can Participate


- Characters of all levels



How to Participate


STEP 1. Play TOS raids, dungeons and missions to collect Twinkling Star Pieces. The pieces are automatically collected about 5 seconds after completing each raid, dungeon, or mission. Here’s where you can get them.


Location No. of pieces Remarks
Legend Raids 5

Lv 360 Velcoffer’s Nest

Lv 420 Tomb of the White Crow

Unique Raids

5 Lv 330 Former Fantasy Library: Sausis Room 9
Lv 330 The First Refuge
Lv 380 Asiomage Testing Grounds
Lv 380 Magic Research Facility
Lv 380 Astral Tower Closed Quarters
Lv 400 Tomb of the White Crow

Challenge Mode Stage 5

Saalus Convent Missions 1

Lv 240 Canyon Area Mission
Lv 240 Royal Mausoleum Mission
Lv 240 Castle Mission

Level Dungeons 1 Lv 50 Underground Chapel Dungeon
Lv 130 Historic Site Ruins
Lv 200 Monument of Desire Dungeon
Lv 270 Castle Dungeon
Lv 330 Lanko Lake Dungeon



STEP 2. Visit Blacksmith Telivelis in the city of Fedimian and deliver Twinkling Star Piece x10 to receive Teliavelis' Anvil Box x1. This box can be received once per day, per team, and it contains one of the following random items.


- Steel Anvil (14 Days) x1
- Silver Anvil (14 Days) x1
- Golden Anvil (14 Days) x1
- Anvil x1




- If you exit the mission, raid or dungeon before the Twinkling Star Pieces are delivered, you will NOT obtain the pieces corresponding to that mission/raid/dungeon.
- Timed anvils (14 Days) obtained from this event CAN be transferred via Team Storage, but NOT be traded with other players.
- Non-timed anvils obtained from this event are character-bound and CANNOT be transferred or traded. They can, however, be sold to NPCs.
- Unused Twinkling Star Pieces and Teliavelis' Anvil Boxes will be automatically deleted at the end of the event period.