Lock N Load!

By STAFF_William

Aug 5th, 2019

Greetings, Saviors!


Ready for the big leap into the upcoming Skiaclipse Legend Raid for Tree Of Savior? Log-in every day to receive bonus Attribute Points!





Event Period


FROM the scheduled maintenance on August 6, 2019
TO the scheduled maintenance on August 20, 2019



Who Can Participate


- Characters of all levels



How to Participate


STEP 1. Simply log in to Tree of Savior to start collecting your Attribute Points. Here’s how much you can get for your total daily playtime.


1 HOUR = Attribute Points: 500 (14 Days) x1

2 HOURS = Attribute Points: 500 (14 Days) x1

3 HOURS = Attribute Points: 1,000 (14 Days) x1


STEP 2. Log-in to TOS every day during the event period and keep piling up the Attribute Points. You can collect all of the rewards above once per day, per team (resets at 00:00 server time).





- Playtime is counted on a per-team basis, so you will continue to accumulate playtime even if you switch characters.
- Playtime is NOT counted when you are in your Lodge. You must enter a game map in order for your playtime to start counting.
- Rewards are automatically delivered to the character you are currently logged in with.
- Attribute Points obtained from this event can be transferred via Team Storage.