[Special]Wake Up! Packages (July '19)

By STAFF_William

Jul 24th, 2019

Greetings, Saviors!


We prepared some useful items that could support your new characters. 


Drop by our TP shop to see if these items suit your characters!


Sale Period


FROM the scheduled maintenance on July 23, 2019

TO the scheduled maintenance on August 20, 2019


Wake Up: Advanced

110 TP

Max: 5 per account


- To Begin: Weapon Box x1
- Elixir of HP Recovery x20
- Elixir of SP Recovery x20
- Diamond Anvil(14 days) x1
- Token x1
- Recipe - 1 Day HP Potion x5
- Recipe - 1 Day SP Potion x5


Wake Up: Learner's Package

69 TP

Max: 5 per account


- Attribute Point 10,000 Ticket x2
- Instance Dungeon Reset Voucher x5
- Challenge Mode One Entry Voucher x3
- Challenge Mode Portal Scroll x10
- Instance Dungeon Multiply Token x20
- x8 EXP Tome x3
- Lv15 Basic Condensed HP Potion x100
- Lv15 Basic Condensed SP Potion x100


- After purchasing the To begin: Weapon Box, right-click to choose one of the following weapons available in the box:


To begin: Sword

To begin: Two-handed Sword

To begin: Rod

To begin: Bow

To begin: Crossbow

To begin: Mace

To begin: Spear

To begin: Pike

To begin: Staff

To begin: Rapier

To begin: Shield

To begin: Dagger

To begin: Cannon

To begin: Pistol

To begin: Musket

To begin: Two-handed Mace


- The weapon obtained from the To begin: Weapon Box will be given random Transcendence and Enhancement values.

- The weapon's Transcendence value will be between TRA +5~10 and the Enhancement value will be between ENH +6~16.

- The weapon's level requirement will match your character's current level and they will grow along with you as your character levels!





- Weapons obtained from the To begin: Weapon Box cannot be traded between players or via the Market but can be transferred via Team Storage.

- The recipes for 1 Day potion are NOT time-affected items. They will NOT vanish unless you use them. However, the potions made from the recipes will vanish after 24 hours.