[Special]Lucky Shard Package (July '19)

By STAFF_William

Jul 23rd, 2019


Greetings, Saviors!


Test your luck with our new Lucky Shard Package available at our TP Shop! Read on below for details.



Sale Period


FROM the scheduled maintenance on July 23, 2019

TO the scheduled maintenance on August 20, 2019


Lucky Shard Package x3


7 TP
- No purchase limit per Character or per Team
- Each Lucky Shard Package contains a Feeling Lucky Package x1 and a Blessed Shard x1
- Open the Feeling Lucky Package to obtain one of the following items at random:





- The current edition of the Lucky Shard package will only be available until the end of the sale period on August 20, 2019. So don't forget to open the cubes before the event period ends!

- The Blessed Shard contained in the Lucky Shard Package can be traded via the Market or between and can be transferred via Team Storage.

- Lucky Shard Package and the Feeling Lucky package CANNOT be personally traded or sold over the Market and CANNOT be transferred via Team Storage.