Goddess' Blessed Cube Bonus Rewards Announcement

By STAFF_William

Jul 16th, 2019

Greetings, Saviors!


There is some misunderstanding on how to receive the bonus rewards from the 25th Cubes you opened. 


You will receive 1 random Rank A item every 25 Cubes opened.


To receive your Special Reward, you must interact with the Bonus Cube located next to the TP Shop to receive your special reward. 



STEP 1. Locate the Bonus Cube next to the [TP Trader] Leticia in Klaipeda.

STEP 2. Interact with the Bonus Cube to find if you are qualified for the bonus rewards. 

STEP 3. If you met the criteria, you will receive the bonus rewards. 


[IMPORTANT] This is Goddess' Blessed Cube Special Reward.