Rota's Special Support: Chapter 2


Jul 15th, 2019


Good news, Saviors!


The Mercenary Post's Manager Rota has extended her support for the latest Tomb of the White Crow unique raid! Her services now include the Tomb of the White Crow raid as well as Astral Tower Closed Quarters!





Event Period



FROM the scheduled maintenance on July 16, 2019
TO the scheduled maintenance on August 6, 2019




Who Can Participate



- All characters of level 380 and above




How To Participate



STEP 1. Talk to Mercenary Post Manager Rota in the city of Klaipeda and volunteer to help the Shadowmancer Master defeat the Skiaclipse. You can participate in the event twice per day, per character (resets at 06:00 EDT, once for Ignas and once for Skiaclipse).
STEP 2. Enter the Unique raid, defeat the Skiaclipse and clear the Tomb of the White Crow.
STEP 3. Return to Manager Rota and receive your reward: Rota's Special Support Box x1!
STEP 4. Open the Support Box to receive one of the following random items.


- Silver Ichor Extraction Kit (14 Days) x1
- Enchant Scroll (14 Days) x1
- Raid Portal Stone x2
- Combat Support Box x1







- You can now receive a total of 2 Rota's Special Support Box per day: One for Ignas and one for Skiaclipse.
- You can still clear The Tomb of the White Crow raid during the event period without talking to Rota, but you will NOT receive the event rewards.
- You can clear The Tomb of the White Crow raid more than once a day with the same character, but you will only receive one reward per character per day.
- All event rewards can be transferred via Team Storage, but Support Boxes and timed items cannot be traded with other players.
- Unopened Support Boxes will be automatically deleted during the scheduled maintenance on August 6, 2019.