Popo Point Shop (May '19)


May 20th, 2019


Greetings, Saviors!

The Popo Shop for May 2019 is now open. Collect your PP and get ready to shop at our Popo Point Shop!





Event Period


FROM the scheduled maintenance of May 21, 2019
TO the scheduled maintenance of June 25, 2019



Who Can Participate


- Characters of all levels



How to Participate


STEP 1. Login to Tree of Savior and start raking in the Popo Points! You get 10 Points for every 30 minutes, no matter what character you’re playing with.


STEP 2. Purchasing items using Premium TP earns you additional points! You get 2 Points for every 1 TP you spend in-game.


STEP 3. If you’re missing only a few points to get the item you want, you can also purchase PP Vouchers at any TP Shop to top up your points. You can purchase vouchers of 100, 500 and 1,000 Points.


- 100 PP: 7 TP
- 500 PP: 33 TP
- 1,000 PP: 59 TP


STEP 4. Use your well-earned PP to purchase items from the Popo Point Shop! Just look for the gift box icon in your bottom-right menu. Click it to access the PP Shop and exchange your Points for potions and other useful items.



NEW! Popo Shop Weapon Selection Box


- As the latest addition to the Popo Shop, we now have in stock new weapons that you can purchase to use for a limited time.
- The new Popo Shop weapons will come in a Selection Box and be timed to expire in either 3 days or 7 days.
- What's more is that these weapons will be growth weapons, which means that the weapons grow along with the player as the player levels up.


- Popo Shop Weapon Selection Box (7 Days): 100 PP
- Popo Shop Weapon Selection Box (3 Days): 50 PP





- Each item in the PP Shop comes with a per-team purchase limit.
- Most PP Shop items will be untradeable. Timed items are also character-bound and not transferable via Team Storage.
- PP Vouchers can be transferred via Team Storage, but not traded with other players.
- Popo Points and purchase limits will be automatically reset on June 25, 2019. Make sure to use your points before then.