UPDATE[SPECIAL] To Begin Package


May 14th, 2019


Greetings, Saviors!


Every budding adventurer needs a trustworthy weapon! Get yours now from our new To begin: Weapon Box, available for sale at our TP Shop and the New/Returning Savior Shop!



Sale Period

FROM the scheduled maintenance on May 14, 2019
TO the scheduled maintenance on June 11, 2019

TP Shop Price: 30 TP
New/Returning Savior Shop Price: 15 TP
Max. 5 per Team




- After purchasing the To begin: Weapon Box, right-click to choose one of the following weapons available in the box:


To begin: Sword
To begin: Two-handed Sword
To begin: Rod
To begin: Bow
To begin: Crossbow
To begin: Mace
To begin: Spear
To begin: Pike
To begin: Staff
To begin: Rapier
To begin: Shield
To begin: Dagger
To begin: Cannon
To begin: Pistol
To begin: Musket
To begin: Two-handed Mace


- The weapon obtained from the To begin: Weapon Box will be given random Transcendence and Enhancement values.
- The weapon's Transcendence value will be between TRA +5~10 and the Enhancement value will be between ENH +6~16.
- The weapon's level requirement will match your character's current level and they will grow along with you as your character levels!



- Weapons obtained from the To begin: Weapon Box cannot be traded between players or via the Market but can be transferred via Team Storage.