[SPECIAL] Wake Up Package


May 30th, 2019

Greetings, Saviors!


Here are the new Premium Packages available for sale at the TP Shop!



Sale Period

FROM the scheduled maintenance on May 14, 2019
TO the scheduled maintenance on June 11, 2019



Wake Up: First Steps Packages


39 TP
Max. 3 packages per Team

- Character Slot Voucher x1 
- Team Storage Expansion Voucher +1 x1
- Enchant Scrolls x 3
- Baby Chick Hair Accessory x1
- x8 EXP Tome x1
- [Freebie] Penguin Selection Box x1



Wake Up: Learner's Packages

129 TP
Max. 3 packages per Team

- Attribute Reset Potion x1
- Attribute Points: 10,000 x1
- Class Change Voucher Lv. 2 x1
- Lv 15 Basic Condensed SP Potion x150



Wake Up: ALL-IN-ONE Packages

159 TP
Max. 1 package per Team

- Wake Up: First Steps Package
- Wake Up: Learner's Package
- Attribute Reset Potion x1

- All items included in the packages can be transferred via Team Storage, but cannot be traded with other players.