Outline of RMT Policies and Definitions


Apr 10th, 2019

Greetings Saviors,


We have introduced our RMT policies for the first time in July and August, 2018, and since then we have refrained from outlining the details of the processes involved in investigating RMT cases as to withhold information from the offending parties. But looking at the latest trends of our official forums, we have decided that it would be in everyone’s best interest to clearly outline and define the various punishable cases of in-game RMT.


As we did with our announcement in 2018, we will focus on enforcing both the old and new policies outlined below for the next couple of months. 





Current RMT Policies


Illegal Trade




- All illicit exchange of goods via the market or personal trades without having paid the fair market price.




- 1st Strike: A warning and the confiscation of all traded goods for all parties involved.
- 2nd Strike: Confiscation of all traded goods and a 15-day suspension from the game for all parties involved.
- 3rd Strike: Permanent suspension.


* Those suspected of being a gold-seller will be suspended permanently without any warning.







- Acquiring in-game currency using game exploits and/or third party software/hardware that automates the process.




- Strike 1: 15-day suspension from the game.
- Strike 2: Permanent suspension.


GM Inspection Process


1) GM’s will randomly patrol the areas of the game that are known to be inhabited by bots.
2) GM’s will attempt to interact with the player character suspected of botting.
3) If the suspected player character does not react and carries on farming the user will be punished according to the penalties outlined above.







- Different player accounts having simultaneously connected to the game via identical IP’s is not enough of a reason alone for us to put any kind of restriction on anyone. However, it is a bannable offense when multiple accounts connected on the same IP are funneling items to a single specific account. There could even be legitimate cases where even over a hundred accounts may be connected to the game via a single IP address. But when items or other in-game currencies are continuously transferred between these accounts, we will need to investigate the involved accounts and take appropriate action against them. This is common sense as the same is applied even for accounts connected via different IP addresses. This is no different from the way in which we identify and ban gold-seller bot accounts, and multiple accounts where items of value or in-game currencies are being funneled will be treated no differently.




- Merely connecting to the game does not warrant any penalties. But, if items and in-game currencies are being funneled to a single account, we will put a permanent suspension on all involved accounts and IP addresses as we will treat the case as an instance of RMT gold-selling. 



Newly Introduced RMT Policy


Being Reported for Listing Suspicious Items on the Market




- Items with no specific use or value being listed on the market for values well over their normal market price.
- Simply listing an item on the Market is not itself a punishable offense but it is highly suspicious seeing items of little value or use being listed, especially miscellaneous items.
- e.g. Mallardu Meat, Broadhead Arrow, etc.


Measure Taken


- Reported items will be removed from the market and subsequently from the game in their entirety.




Thank you for reading.