Episode 11: An Introduction


Mar 29th, 2019

To the Ruins of the New Capital: Episode 11



Taking a departure from the old rank system, the dev team has decided to expand on the TOS world in increments of episodes. The dev team is currently focused on developing the new Episode 11 for TOS and would like to share some of its contents with you, our dear readers.



New Quests, New Locations



Episode 11 will include 11 new areas, new NPC’s, new monsters and demon lords. The current level cap of 390 will also be increased to 420.



The Remains of the Astral Tower




The Astral Tower awaits your return. You will carry on the legacy of the Astral Tower alongside the surviving Schaffenstar members and Lakers in Barynwell 27 Waters.



The Last Remaining Gateway to The Capital




The outer walls that protected the Kingdom’s Capital had worn down following Medzio Diena. The brave soldiers that manned the walls had gone missing and only the wounded survivors remain within the wall’s limits, hidden away from the prying eyes of demons. The story of the Kingdom’s survivors start here at these very walls.



The Last Revelation and the Goddess Medeina


Despite being under the watchful eye of the Demon King Kartas, the Goddess Medeina has decided to reveal herself to the Savior in order to pass on the Last Revelation.


Goddess Medeina



The Demon King Kartas is scheming to bring Medeina, the Forest Goddess, under his captivity behind the Demon Goddess Giltine’s back. This story unfolds in the northern regions of Parias Forest.



Continued Character Growth through Quests



The dev team is aware of the feedback that there should be better ways for the players who want to immerse themselves in the TOS world to level their characters, not having to resort to hunting the fields. We wanted to make completing quests a worthwhile investment for our players by providing equipments and items that will assist their characters in reaching the new level cap.


This feature had been implemented previously with the Re:Build update and we will continue to do so with our future updates as well.



Pajauta The Guardian of the People




Pajauta is the new NPC who has saved the people from the wrath of Medzio Diena. Even before Medzio Diena, she had played a major role in the investigation of demon cults and many other problems that plagued the Kingdom behind the scenes. Some had even gone as far as to call her the second coming of Lydia Schaffen, but in the end, she had given up all hopes as the situation in the Kingdom got worse after Medzio Diena.


In her moment of despair, she had heard news of the Savior and set out to find you in order to ask for your help in returning order to the Kingdom’s northern regions.


The dev team has prepared a prerequisite quest for Episode 11 to help players ease into the new content without too much trouble. You will travel the northern regions of the Kingdom with Pajauta at your side and she will guide you towards the last revelation.



The New Raid Boss and the Main Quest



New demon lords await you in Episode 11. Players will be able to preview the attack patterns of the new raid bosses while playing through the new quest lines.


Demon Lord Moringponia



Item Changes in Episode 11



Acquisition of Legend-grade Items



Legend-grade items can now be acquired through many different contents.


This will reduce the time and effort it takes for players to reach the level at which they can partake in the game’s most densely populated contents. Players will still be required to upgrade their items, but we will now provide a larger variety of ways in which the base items can be obtained.



Field Drop Legend-Grade Items




Players will now be able to obtain Legend-grade equipment by hunting monsters in the fields.


Monsters will drop the materials required in crafting the new Legend-grade equipment and the crafted equipment will be given random stats. The set bonuses will be predetermined and new equipment will be categorized by different attack properties.



Raid Bosses, Field Bosses and Hunting Grounds Bosses




Raid Boss

Field Boss

Hunting Grounds Boss


Legend item recipes, tradeable finished items

+ Unique item recipes, finished unique items

Legend item recipes, tradeable finished items

+ Unique recipes, finished unique items

+ Field boss accessories

Legend item recipes, tradeable finished items

+ Unique recipes, finished unique items

+ Seals

+ Magic Stones





Set Bonuses

1 of 2~4 types of set bonuses

1 of 2~4 types of set bonuses

1 of 2~4 types of set bonuses






The materials required to craft items earned with previous raids had to be earned in the fields. The abundance of the materials was high in comparison to the actual drop rate of the recipes because they could be obtained relatively easily through Challenge Modes, which made the Raids feel more like a grind.


The new raids will be developed so that they drop legend recipes, unique recipes and finished legend items that can be traded. Also, the required materials for crafting new equipment from acquired recipes will be reduced to make the process quicker.



Field Bosses



Field Bosses provide a competitive PvE experience for players. However, they have not been of great importance because of the reward system that is based on the grade of the Field Boss and lacking reward content. We are planning to introduce new Unique ~ Legend grade items as Field Boss rewards with set bonuses that are different from the equipment acquired from general Raids.



Hunting Grounds Bosses



Seals, magic stones and various tradeable Unique and Legend-grade items will be provided through a 1:1 battle with the Hunting Grounds Bosses. The difficulty of the new bosses will be much higher than the bosses available in Irredian Shelter.



In Summary


The items below the Unique-grade can be used to extract Ichors, while 2-4 different types of Legend-grade set bonuses will be available for each of the different content.



Transcendence, Random Options and Awakening



Transcendence of Unique Items



Transcendence of items below the grade-level of Unique will be lowered. Players have a difficult time in deciding whether to transcend their Unique weapons or not, since Unique weapons are currently considered to be weapons that will eventually be discarded. Unique weapons will now come pre-transcended. Unidentified items will vary in their initial transcendence level by random and items crafted from recipes will have a set base transcendence level, and, of course, players will be able to invest in these items to transcend them even further.






The upper-level raids will have their entry limits increased and have different requirements or rewards to compensate for the changes. For example, if the Velcoffer raid can be entered 2 times per week per team, its reward will be increased by x fold. Not only will the rewards be increased, but the finished items and recipes acquired in the raid will also be made tradeable.

The raid rewards will also not be issued via cubes but from treasure chests that players can open after they have defeated the raid boss.



Random Stats



The maximum values of the random stats that appear upon identification will be increased as well as the increased occurrence of useful options such as increased critical rate.



Awakening Rework



You can use additional materials at the Alchemist shops to add Awakening bonuses with greater effects.




New Item Upgrades



New Unique & Legend-Grade Items


The level requirement for new items introduced in Episode 11 will be Lv. 400.




Set Bonuses and Ichors



Set Bonuses



Players will be able to pick and choose the set bonuses to be added to the Lv. 400 items.



Ichor Transmutation



A transmutation system will be introduced for Ichors to ensure that players can get 100% Ichor extraction. Players can use three items of full potential for extract Ichors successfully. The Ichor for one of the three items used will be extracted at random.



As in the picture above, there will be a 33% success rate of Ichor extraction  if the total sum potential of the three items are 13/39, and if the sum potential for the three items are 39/39, the player will have a 100% chance of extracting one random Ichor belonging to one of the three items used.



Ichor Transfer



A new system will also be added that lets players unequip Ichors from items that have already been equipped to legend-grade items. It will consume silver but there will be no probability involved in the process. This new system will be introduced on the same date with the new legend raid equipments.



Legend Raid Entry Limit



Following the update, all legend raid entry limit will be set to 5 times per week. All rewards will be adjusted accordingly and players will also be able to obtain Legend Raid Portal Stones from the 6th and 7th stages of Challenge Mode, which will require a regular Raid Portal Stone to be crafted.


Legend Raid Portal Stones will grant players entry to Legend Raids(Earth Tower, Velcoffer, etc.) after they have used up their 5 time entry limit for the week. Legend Raid Portal Stones will not be useable with newly introduced content. The application of Legend Raid Portal Stones will be expanded with subsequent updates.



Class Tree Abilities



With the introduction of new classes, special abilities for each of the class trees will be readjusted. These class-specific abilities are chosen to be skills that will help each class survive in battle.


Swordsman - Pain Barrier


100% resistance to status ailments will be added to Pain Barrier. The duration of the status ailment resistance buff will be kept separately from the knockback/knockdown immunity.

Wizard - Teleportation


Psychokino’s Teleportation skill will be moved to the Wizard class.

Archer - Leap


Mergen’s Jump Shot skill will be moved to the Archer class and its attack will be removed.

Cleric - Cure


Cure skill’s maximum level will be increased.

Scout - Cloaking


The skill can no longer be used while the player is in combat, and movement speed will be increased while under the Cloaking buff.



New Classes



New classes will be added with the Episode 11 update. The newly added classes will be Tiger Hunter and Matross classes for the Archer tree and Ardito and Sheriff classes for the Scout tree.



Archer Tree


 Tiger Hunter



The new Tiger Hunter class uses the musket as their main weapon and its attacks have bonuses against beast-type enemies.


Piercing Shot [Lv. 1]


Fires piercing bullets against the enemy in rapid succession. Inflicts additional damage against beast-type enemies.


Piercing Shot: Enhance

Increases the skill factor of Piercing Shot by 0.5% per attribute level.

Tracking [Lv. 1]


Adds a buff that lets you dash during combat. Also increases the stamina cost of dashing.


Tracking: Duration

Increases the duration of the Tracking buff.


Tracking: Hunting Season


Adds the Prey debuff to target when attacking an enemy while under the Tracking buff at a chance proportional to the attribute level.


Prey debuff shares the same duration with the Tracking buff and all Tiger Hunter skills used on the debuffed enemy will gain a bonus equal to attacking a beast-type monster.

- Piercing Shot: Damage increased by +50%

- Rapid Fire: Critical rate increased by +30%

- Ambush: 50% chance to stun enemy

Rapid Shot [Lv. 1]


Rapidly fires at the targeted enemy. Each shot is ricocheted off the target and has increased chance of landing as a critical hit against beast-type monsters.


Rapid Shot: Enhance


Increases the skill factor of Rapid Shot by 0.5% per attribute level.

Eye of the Tiger [Lv. 16]


Adds the Death Stare debuff to enemies within a designated area. Enemies with the debuff receives increased damage from the player for one attack. If the enemy survives the attack with the debuff, the player will receive additional damage from the targeted enemies.

Ambush [Lv. 16]


Quickly approaches the targeted enemy to attack. Beast-type monsters have a chance to become stunned when targeted.


Ambush: Enhance


Increases the skill factor of Ambush by 0.5% per attribute level.


Ambush: Knockback


Causes the enemies hit by Ambush are knocked back.

Camo Shot [Lv. 13]



Tiger Hunter gains a Camouflage buff that hides him/herself from the enemies. There is a chance that the buff could be removed every time Tiger Hunter attacks.


Camo Shot: Advantage


Increases the player’s STR and DEX proportional to the attribute level when an enemy is killed while under the Camouflage buff.


Camo Shot: Grasslands


Using Camo Shot on areas with grass increases the duration of the skill.






Matross is a class that uses cannons whose specialty is utilities and offers the player increased mobility, buffs and debuffs.


Fire and Run [Lv. 1]



Aims the cannon at the player’s feet and fires to fly backward in recoil.


Fire and Run: Enhance


Increases the skill factor of Fire and Run by 0.5% per attribute level.


Fire and Run: Reduce Recoil


Reduces the distance covered by Fire and Run by half and increases the damage inflicted on the enemy.

Explosion [Lv. 1]


Shoots at the targeted enemy, causing a circular explosion around the targeted enemy.


Explosion: Enhance


Increases the skill factor of Explosion by 0.5% per attribute level.


Explosion: Chain Reaction


Gives the chance to cause more explosions on enemies hit by the skill’s explosion effect according to the attribute level.


Menace Shot [Lv. 1]


Shoots the cannon skywards to cause panic to enemies around the player, rendering them temporarily inactive.


Menace Shot: Enhance


Increases the skill factor of Menace by 0.5% per attribute level.


Menace Shot: Achilles Heel


The cannon damage received by enemies while under panic increases according to the attribute level.

Crouching Strike [Lv. 16]



Slams the cannon on the ground to damage enemies near the player. Enemies are knocked down in place upon being hit.


Crouching Strike: Enhance


Increases the skill factor of Crouching Strike by 0.5% per attribute level.


Crouching Strike: Remove Knockdown


Removes the knockdown effect of Crouching Strike.


Crouching Strike: Stun


Gives a chance to stun enemies hit by Crouching Strike according to the attribute level.

Roar [Lv. 16]


Gives a buff that increases the player’s AoE ratio.


Roar: Critical


Reduces the AoE ratio increased by Roar by half but increases the critical rate of the player.

Canister Shot [Lv. 31]


Fires a cannonball that draws enemies closer for a certain duration. The cannonball explodes once the duration is over to inflict damage on enemies within its range.


Canister Shot: Enhance


Increases the skill factor of Canister Shot by 0.5% per attribute level.


Canister Shot: Remove Knockdown


Removes the knockdown effect of Canister Shot.


Canister Shot: Duration


Increases the duration of the cannonball according to the attribute level.



Scout Tree





Ardito is a class that specializes in close-quarters combat using the dagger and continuous damage using grenades and molotovs.


Granata [Lv. 1]


Throws a grenade towards a designated area to attack the enemy.


Granata: Enhance


Increases the skill factor of Granata by 0.5% per attribute level.

Tre Granate [Lv. 1]


Throws a molotov towards a designated area to attack the enemy.


Tre Granate: Enhance


Increases the skill factor of Tre Granate by 0.5% per attribute level.


Tre Granate: Lingering Flames


Enemies who have left the effect area of Tre Granate will continue to to take fire damage for a duration proportional to the attribute level.

Ritirarsi [Lv. 1]


The player leaps backwards after dropping a grenade in place.


Ritirarsi: Enhance


Increases the skill factor of Ritirarsi by 0.5% per attribute level.

Recupero [Lv. 16]



The player injects a syringe on self to recover HP and Stamina.


Recupero: Enhance


Increases the skill factor of Recupero by 0.5% per attribute level.

Invasione [Lv. 16]


Attacks the enemy in front by stabbing them.


Invasione: Enhance


Increases the skill factor of Invasione by 0.5% per attribute level.

Taglio [Lv. 31]


Dashes forward and slashes at the enemy in the way. Enemies are knocked down and gives a temporary movement speed boost to the player.


Taglio: Enhance


Increases the skill factor of Taglio by 0.5% per attribute level.


Taglio: Remove Knockback


Removes the knockback effect of Taglio.






Sheriffs are a class that wields the pistol as a main weapon and specialize in focusing its damage on single enemies. All Sheriff skills can be used while being mounted.


Quick Draw [Lv. 1]



Draws the pistol to attack the target quickly.


Quick Draw: Enhance


Increases the skill factor of Quick Draw by 0.5% per attribute level.

Fanning [Lv. 1]


Fires 6 consecutive shots from the pistol at a single target.


Fanning: Enhance


Increases the skill factor of Fanning by 0.5% per attribute level.

Westraid [Lv. 1]


Reloads the pistol to give a buff that makes the player’s attack hit the mark at a 100% rate for a specified number of attacks.

Peacemaker [Lv. 16]


Throws an explosive at the targeted enemy. The target is disarmed and cannot wield its weapon for a duration.


Peacemaker: Enhance


Increases the skill factor of Peacemaker by 0.5% per attribute level.

Redemption [Lv. 16]


Gives the buff that lets the player dodge all attacks for a duration and increases movement speed.


Redemption: Escape


Increases the movement speed gain by two-fold and reduces the duration of the buff by half.

Aiming Shot [Lv. 31]


Fires an undodgeable shot into an area. Targeted enemies will have a specified number of buffs removed and receive additional damage according to the number of removed buffs.


Aiming Shot: Enhance


Increases the skill factor of Aiming Shot by 0.5% per attribute level.


Aiming Shot: Coup de Grace


Reduces the number of buffs removed by Aiming Shot to 1 while increasing the skill factor.



* The above information is currently in development and is subject to change before the release date.