TOS Guide Master


Mar 25th, 2019


Greetings, Saviors!

Ever since the early days of TOS, our forum users have been keeping new and active players alike informed on the latest tips through their comprehensive game guides. Now, we set out to compile the best of the best on three major categories that will be featured on our TOS website front page.

Event Period

- Submissions accepted until April 23, 2019
- Winners announced on April 30, 2019

How to Participate

STEP 1. Compose and submit or update your existing game guide in the Game Tips and Strategies’ category of our official forums until April 23, 2019. The guide must fall into one of three categories: 1) Character Growth, 2) Growing In-game Funds, or 3) Quest Progression. Take the time to read the submission guidelines below and make sure your guide abides by forum rules.

STEP 2. Until April 30, we will review all submitted guides and select the top posts. Winning guides will be moved to the ‘Community Guides’ forum category, and they will be featured in our official website’s front page in a new section to be added. Selected players will also win the following rewards:

Title: Game Guide Creator x1
Barber Shop FREE Gift Coupon x1
Goddess’ Blessed Cube x10+1

Submission Guidelines

1) The title of your post should start with ‘[GUIDE MASTER]’. In the body of the post, please include your server and team name information.

2) Each guide must fall into one of the following three categories: a) Character Growth (ways to level up), b) Growing In-game Funds (ways to maximize currency gains), or c) Quest Progression (ways to manage quest play). The guide can be about one of the categories in general, or focus on a specific aspect of the category (for instance, in accordance to the player's goal, play style, build, etc.). Make sure it is clear in the guide which category it belongs to.

3) Guides must include a sufficient amount of up-to-date, correct information, sufficient quality of analysis, and be sufficiently comprehensive of the covered subject.

4) Guides must be conveniently displayed and formatted.

5) Guides must be written on the official TOS forums, and not on a page linked elsewhere. However, links to external resources, screenshots and videos etc. are allowed when used to complement the guide.

6) Guides must be newly written or updated during the event period. Outdated guides are not eligible for rewards.


- We will not accept guides that are similar to others already published in our official forums.
- Guides added to the ‘Community Guides’ category may be removed if they become outdated.
- You will not be able to post in the new ‘Community Guides’ category directly. Any guides must be posted in the ‘Game Tips and Strategies’ category, from where they can be moved by a staff member.
- Players are encouraged to be a part of the process, report outdated or incorrect guides, and recommend well-written ones be added to the Community Guides category.