New: Irredian Shelter, Hangout Raids and More!


Mar 14th, 2019

Greetings, Saviors!

Today we would like to introduce the new content and rewards that were added during our scheduled maintenance on March 12, 2019. We hope you enjoy reading this post as much as we did preparing it!








1. Guild Hangout Raid



1-1. Overview


The Guild Hangout Raid is, just as the name suggests, a new raid content that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own Guild Hangout. Players can now summon bosses in their Guild Hangout and join forces to defeat them.



1-2. Background


The refugees of the Kingdom have been suffering greatly at the hands of the monsters that entered our world through the many dimensional cracks that appeared following Medzio Diena. Sage Envoys have been deployed all across the Kingdom in order to seal the cracks but they are in need of help. The Kingdom has decided that the Sage Envoys devise a way to relocate the dimensional cracks to various Guild Hangouts present within the Kingdom to have the guilds help in dealing with the invasion of monsters.
Guilds can now participate in private boss raids through the Sage Envoys located in their Hangout to defeat the invading monsters for bounty.



1-3. How to Play


Talk to the Sage Envoy NPC in your Guild Hangout to start the raid.



1-4. Rewards


Rewards can be obtained from the Sage Envoy NPC after the raid time is reset every Monday at 6:00 AM server time. Rewards are issued as Silver, which is determined by the player’s contribution in defeating the raid boss.



2. New Hunting Grounds: Irredian Shelter





2-1. Overview


Irredian Shelter is a new high level Hunting Grounds populated by level 390 monsters and two level 400 boss monsters.



2-2. Background


The three rulers of old Nicopolis ran the city with an iron fist as their influence grew. Archmage Irredian had created a shelter for the citizens of Nicopolis to take refuge in. Preparations for siege and various experiments to create a magical barricade that blocks off Nicopolis from the rest of the Kingdom took place at the shelter.



2-3. How to Play


The new Hunting Grounds is populated by powerful level 390 monsters. Hunting down these monsters unlocks a portal to new areas that are more densely populated by powerful monsters or even a solo raid with a special boss monster.



2-4. Rewards


New necklace items have been added as reward. New seals are also introduced as a part of an obtainable reward.




Rewards and Convenience Updates



Along with the two new features introduced this week, we will also be providing revisions for rewards and introducing convenience updates with the game’s next major update. Read on below for details!



1. Guild Quest


- The rewards obtained from Guild Foundation quests will be increased by fivefold. Players will be able to earn up to 5,000 attribute points by partaking in a Guild Quest.
- Guild Foundation quests do not require special initiation processes and will begin as soon as a Guild Quest is started.



2. Gemstone Feud


- New NPCs will be added to each of the major cities (Klaipeda, Orsha and Fedimian) that will let players enter Gemstone Feud sessions.
- The number of Goddess’ Blessed Gems that can be traded will be increased from 1 to 2 per day and the number of badges required will be reduced by half.
- The following are the new badge requirements for rewards obtainable in the Gemstone Feud.



Required Number of Badges



Goddess’ Blessed Gem



Attribute Point 100



Silver Ichor Extraction Kit



Looting Chance Potion



Hero’s Retribution Potion: Devil (Feud)



Hero’s Retribution Potion: Mutant (Feud)



Hero’s Retribution Potion: Insect (Feud)



Hero’s Retribution Potion: Plant (Feud)



Hero’s Retribution Potion: Beast (Feud)



Hero’s Aegis Potion: Devil (Feud)



Hero’s Aegis Potion: Mutant (Feud)



Hero’s Aegis Potion: Insect (Feud)



Hero’s Aegis Potion: Plant (Feud)



Hero’s Aegis Potion: Beast (Feud)





3. Collections


- Players will be able to register new collections without having to visit the Magic Association NPC.



4. Instance Dungeon: Level Dungeons


- Some lower level dungeons will be integrated for better matchmaking. The level difference penalty will be alleviated for lower level dungeons.



5. Uphill Defense


- The weekly entry count will be reduced and the rewards will be improved instead.



6. Remnants of Bernice


- Rewards will be overhauled. The current ranking data will be reset with the coming update.
- Attendance reward will be given as attribute points to promote players’ continued participation.
- Attendance rewards can be obtained by clearing the first stage.
- Stage rewards will consist of more useful items. They will be issued once per Team depending on the highest stage that the player has reached.
- Rank rewards will also be improved to include useful items and not honor rewards.
- Rank rewards will be given out for each of the class trees and there will be no rewards for overall ranking.



6. Earth Tower


- The difficulty will be adjusted to fit the changes that were implemented in the Re:Build update.
- The progression of the Earth Tower will be adjusted to provide faster pacing.
- Earth Tower will be divided into units of 5 floors each, and players will be free to choose which floors they wish to challenge.