GTW Support Items


Feb 11th, 2019

Greetings, Saviors!

To celebrate the opening of the official Guild Territory Wars, we have prepared for you support items to assist your victory in the fierce battle ahead.



Event Period


FROM the scheduled maintenance on February 12, 2019
the scheduled maintenance on March 12, 2019



Who Can Participate


- All players who belong in a guild that participates in the Guild Territory Wars



How To Participate


Visit and interact with the Territory Wars Helper NPC located in Klaipeda, Orsha and Fedimian to obtain the following items:


- [GTW Event] Small Elixir of HP Recovery x20
- [GTW Event] Small Elixir of SP Recovery x20
- [GTW Event] Lv 15 Condensed HP Potion x20
- [GTW Event] Lv 15 Condensed SP Potion x20
- [GTW Event] Urgent Repair Kit x5
- [GTW Event] Lv 15 Condensed Movement Speed Potion x5


※ All support items can be obtained once per week per team (resets 00:00 server time).
※ All items can be transferred through Team Storage, but not be traded personally or via the Market.
※ All items will be automatically deleted at the end of the event period.