NEW! Giltine’s Team Clash


Jan 28th, 2019


Greetings, Saviors!

The evil Giltine has descended upon Klaipeda, eager to spread chaos through the city and gather new followers into her realm. To test the new recruits, she is pitting the Kingdom’s toughest Saviors against each other in a fierce battle of monsters!

Event Period

FROM the scheduled maintenance on January 29, 2019
TO the scheduled maintenance on February 26, 2019

Who Can Participate

- Characters of level 50 and above

How to Participate

STEP 1. Find the Giltine Apparition NPC near the Residential District in the city of Klaipeda and interact with her to join the team clash. You can play one time per day, per team (resets at 00:00).

STEP 2. Once inside the area, you will be placed in one of two teams (Blue Team or Red Team), each composed of three players. The Red Team’s camp is a triangle located near the Fishing Spot, while the Blue Team’s is a circle by the Item Merchant NPC.

STEP 3. Click the blue or red summoning devices in the center of Klaipeda to summon a set number of monsters, which will begin to move towards the opposing team’s camp.

- Note: The colors of the summoning devices are not related to your team’s, so everyone can use both. However, each device may summon different kinds of monsters worth different points.

STEP 4. Coordinate with your team members and defeat the opponents’ monsters to keep them away from your own camp.

STEP 5. Do not lose hope if your team is losing the battle! At the 4-minute mark, all monsters summoned by the team with the lowest number of scores (the team with less monsters successfully sent to the opposing camp) receive a +10 movement speed boost.

STEP 6. After 8 minutes, the team responsible for the most successful monster invasion is declared the winner and receives [Re:Build] Commemoration Coin x50. All players also receive Giltine's Gift Box x1 as a participation prize. Each Gift Box contains one of the following random items:

- Asio Weapon Recipe Selection Box x1
- Wastrel Weapon Recipe Selection Box x1
- Raid Portal Stone x3
- Blessed Shard x2
- Sierra Powder x10
- Attribute Points: 500 (14 Days) x1

STEP 7. Prove yourself as a true follower of Giltine and complete 15 victories in the team clash to receive Giltine Follower Armband x1!


- Team clash rewards are automatically sent to the participating character.
- All rewards obtained through this event can be transferred via Team Storage. Gift Boxes, Selection Boxes, Attribute Points and Armbands, however, cannot be traded with other players.
- Unopened Gift Boxes will be automatically deleted during the scheduled maintenance of February 26, 2019.