[Re:Build] Rare Costumes for Outlaw and Assassin!


Jan 14th, 2019


Greetings Saviors!

To celebrate the introduction of the new Outlaw and Assassin classes, we are giving our players the chance to obtain rare costumes for the two new classes! See below for details.



Event Period


FROM the scheduled maintenance on January 15, 2019

TO the scheduled maintenance on February 12, 2019



Who Can Participate


- All characters that have advanced into the new Assassin and Outlaw classes (once per team)



How to Participate


STEP 1. Advance into the new Outlaw or Assassin class available in the Scout class tree.

STEP 2. The rare costume for the class you advance into will be given to you in your character's inventory.





- You must be advanced into the Outlaw or Assassin class to be able to equip the rare costumes given in the event.
- The costumes obtained from the selection boxes cannot be transferred via team storage.
- The costumes will be available to purchase at the Beauty Shop from after the scheduled maintenance on February 12, 2019.