[Re:Build] Dina's Special Shop


Jan 15th, 2019


Greetings Saviors!

Kupole Dina has set up shop in commemoration of the new [Re:Build] update! Play the game to earn [Re:Build] Coins and trade them in for wonderful prizes!

Event Period


FROM the scheduled maintenance on January 15, 2019

TO the scheduled maintenance of March 5, 2019



Who Can Participate


- This event is open to players of all levels



How to Participate


STEP 1. Collect [Re:Build] Coins by completing different in-game content.


STEP 2. Visit Kupole Dina in Klaipeda and Orsha to trade the coins for special rewards.




STEP 3. There will be a special reward available for purchase during the first and second weeks, third and fourth weeks and the fifth and seventh weeks, so don't miss out!



How to Earn [Re:Build] Coins


Content Number of [Re:Build] Coins Earned
Connect to the game 10
For every 30 minutes a player is logged into the game (maximum of 300 minutes) 10
10 successful catches while fishing 20
Level Dungeon Completion 10
Unique Raid Completion 30
Legend Raid Completion 50
Challenge Mode and Hunting Grounds Drop chance when hunting monsters



List of Rewards


Item [Re:Build] Coins Required
Attribute Point 1,000 (14 days) 300
Miracle Seed (14 days) 30
Golden Anvil (14 days) 200
Silver Ichor Extraction Kit (14 days) 200
Premium Awakening Stone (14 days) 80
Attribute Point 100 (14 days) 50
Enchant Scroll (14 days) 80
Goddess Sculpture (14 days) 30
Fortune Cookie 30
Challenge Portal Scroll 50
[1st & 2nd Week] Attribute Point 1,000 (14 days) 30
[3rd & 4th Week] Skill Reset Potion (14 days) 300
[5th Week ~ March 5] Character Slot Voucher 600





- Coins earned for connecting to the game, fishing and staying logged in can be earned once per team per day. Coin earnings are reset at 0:00 AM server time.
- Kupole Dina NPC and [Re:Build] Coins will be removed from the players' inventory during the scheduled maintenance on March 5, 2019.