[Re:Build] Class Tree Change Support


Jan 14th, 2019


Greetings, Saviors!

The [Re:Build] update introduces many changes to the game's rank system and we understand that a lot of you will be excited to try out the new Scout tree, which includes the new Assassin and Outlaw classes! To help you settle in with the new mechanics and classes, we are providing all players with support to change their existing characters' class tree for a limited time! Read on for details below.

Event Period & Participation

FROM the scheduled maintenance on January 15, 2019, for characters of all levels that were created before the scheduled maintenance on January 15, 2019.

AVAILABLE FOR 30 days after your character has first logged in to the game.

How to Participate

STEP 1. Visit and talk to the Class Tree Change Support NPC in Klaipeda and choose a class tree that you want to change into.


STEP 2. You can also interact with the Class Tree Change Support NPC after your class tree change to return your character to its original class tree.


- You can display the remaining days you have for a Class Tree change by typing '/treechange' in the chat window.
- Class tree change is available a total of twice per character: Once for changing into a new class tree and once for returning to the character's original class tree.
- You must first retrieve and use the Class Recovery EXP Cards from your character's market retrieve tab to be able to change your character's class tree.
- The Class Tree Change Support NPC will be unavailable after 30 days of your first connection following the January 15 scheduled maintenance even if you have not changed class trees yet.