Harvest Festival (Dec ‘26)


Dec 5th, 2018


Greetings, Saviors!

Get your farmer gear ready, because harvest season is in again! Chomp on your daily batch of Red Seeds for a handy buff, or grow them into a set of delicious rewards!

Event Period

FROM the scheduled maintenance on December 4, 2018
the scheduled maintenance on December 26, 2018

Who Can Participate

- Characters of level 50 and above

How to Participate

STEP 1. Head out to your nearest Event Notice Board and receive your Red Seeds (1 Day). You can receive these seeds once per day, per team. The first Red Seeds your team receives during the event period also come with a bonus Zemyna Necklace (14 Days)!

STEP 2. Decide what to do with your Red Seeds. Every day you can choose to either consume your seeds immediately for a 1-hour buff, or plant them and harvest 3 random rewards!

STEP 3-a. If you choose to consume your Red Seeds, simply right-click them from your inventory to receive an immediate buff of +25% EXP gains and +2 movement speed for 1 hour.

STEP 3-b. If you prefer to plant your Red Seeds, right-click them from your inventory at one of the following fields: Shaton Farm, Tenants’ Farm, Myrkiti Farm, Greene Manor. After 20 minutes, your crop will be fully grown. Return to the field and harvest your crop to receive a set of 3 random prizes from the list below!

- Instanced Dungeon One Entry Voucher (14 Days) x1
- EXP Tome x1
- 2-Star Gem Abrasive x1
- 3-Star Gem Abrasive x1
- 4-Star Gem Abrasive x1
- 5-Star Gem Abrasive x1


- Red Seeds can be transferred via Team Storage, but not traded with other players.
- Red Seeds cannot be consumed inside Shaton Farm, Tenants’ Farm, Myrkiti Farm, or Greene Manor. Right-clicking the seeds in those maps will always result in them being planted. If you wish to consume the seeds, you must use them at another field or city.
- Each crop is marked with the name of the team that planted it, and can only be harvested by a character in that team. Crops cannot be harvested by characters of other teams.
- Crops will automatically disappear 1 hour after being planted, so make sure to harvest them in time.
- Crops will automatically disappear during scheduled maintenances, so make sure to plan your harvest accordingly.
- Timed rewards (“14 Days”) and Gem Abrasives from this event cannot be traded to other players or transferred via Team Storage, so make sure to harvest your rewards with the correct character.
- Unused Red Seeds (1 Day) will be automatically deleted at the end of the event period.