Re:Build - The Introduction


Nov 4th, 2018

Greetings, Saviors.


Today we would like to introduce you to the changes in the rank advancement system that will be implemented in the game with the upcoming [Re:Build] update. But firstly we would like to share with the TOS community the reasons why such a drastic change is necessary for the game to be improved.


The Limitations of the Current Rank System


The strength of Tree of Savior as a game is the wide variety of classes available for players to pick and choose from with which they can explore and overcome the many challenges presented to them in the game. This was, and still is, the central philosophy behind our game design.


For such a potential to be fully realized, we believe that all choices that our players make in building their characters should be significant.


However, player choice in character development is rather limited under the current rank system. With the vertical rank structure of the current system, classes of the lower ranks fundamentally fall behind the higher rank classes in efficacy. The lower rank classes are chosen on the basis of the availability of a useful buff/debuff and the classes that do not have such desired buff/debuffs are often overlooked despite the wide array of different skills and features they offer the player.


As a result only 23 builds, on the basis of player preference, have proven themselves to be 'valid' builds for the game. In general, these 'valid' builds mostly consist of classes from ranks 7~8 with some lower rank classes added for support of the main higher rank classes.


In its current state, the versatile character build is no longer Tree of Savior's strength because the remaining builds apart from the aforementioned 23 builds become a ‘regretful’ decision that players want to revoke. 


[Rank Reset] was introduced as the means for the players to revoke such decisions in developing their characters but it only deepened the problem at hand and further cemented the more powerful builds in their current place. 


New Direction

The restructuring of the rank system, at its core, aims to re-value all available classes equally and further develop their feature characteristics and personality.


In order for this to happen, we will be restructuring the convoluted rank advancement system and removing manual stat point allocation that did little to affect the direction of character growth. Furthermore, class trees will be expanded and rearranged to reinforce the role and the purpose of every class available in the tree.


Overall, the new job advancement system will be more intuitive and convenient in comparison and the underutilized lower rank classes will be repurposed through the 'horizontal' restructuring of the rank system to provide our players with more versatile means to enjoy the game.


Along with the restructuring, current in-game features will be improved upon and new content and balance tweaks will be made to compliment the changes in rank advancement.


The summary of the changes in the rank advancement system are as follows:

1. The current rank system will be replaced with a new job advancement system.
- Players will be able to choose any of the classes available in a given tree on advancement.
- Players will be able to use the in-game [Class Change] system to readily switch between classes.
- Level cap for each class will be extended to 45 and a single character will be given a total 4 classes(1+3) to choose from and combine.(For example, 560 different combination of classes can be made in the Swordsman tree)


2. New class tree and new classes will be added and existing class trees will be partly rearranged.
- Players will be provided with a [Class Tree Change] for a limited time to compensate for the expansion and the rearrangement of available class trees.


3. With the removal of ranks, the power difference between skills of different ranks will be minimized and all skills will be adjusted so that every class will be able to more faithfully play the roles that match their available skill-set.
- Magic attacks will be changed so that it is possible to land a critical strike, be dodged and blocked.


4. Attribute system will be changed.
- The learning cost will be drastically reduced for all attributes.
- New feature will be added where players can extract attribute points from their characters.


5. Stat system will be changed.
- Stat allocation will be automated and increase with each level to better reflect class characteristics.
- Extra stat points obtained through quests or Goddess Statues will be available for the players to allocate freely. 


The [Re:Build] update is currently in the process of being tested internally with the goal of being released mid-November for kTOS.
A more detailed introduction of the changes made will be released in the coming weeks through the official TOS Developer’s Blog posts. 


Thank you.