UPDATEAbout further Restricted Accounts and Item, Silver Recovery


Oct 10th, 2018

About Restricted Accounts


We have to announce the today completed procedures with extra restricted accounts.


Just like we announced on the former announcements that we have already punished the one conducted such illegal behaviors. And during that process we also restricted




A. Those who shared same IP address, especially who have trade record during this incident.



B. Those who registered and sold items with excessive overpricing.




But there still could be innocent users could be effected on both cases above, we’ve been conducted

an extra investigation on those users. Since the nature of this investigation, it requires play pattern and all-inclusive verification. We also apologize for that much of time consumed during this procedure.


Today, the investigation process has almost completed and we also sent each person a compensation that we caused another inconvenience. I would suggest to log in and check if the accounts are now safe and back to normal, and the items are received on message box correctly.


We also apologize for that we didn’t give correct and sufficient information via ticket or any other channel.

Even to process such investigation in Top priority but it is true that we didn’t announce sufficient information to calm the restricted users during this work.

We will be going to provide more detailed information with the reasons categorized reasons something for example, like A and B above.





With Item and Silver Recovery


As we announced on 2nd of October 2018, “Actions Against Illegal Silver Acquisition and Market Abuse”, the ones whom still facing with missing item, or a Silver are mostly the process of retrieve/recovery is not yet completed.


We also have found some players from the forum that still facing issues with item recovery or the silver, with this investigation and the process comes to complete, we expect the recovery will also going to be done. 


Which means, there will be only two status will be left.


Those who considered as Abuser will going to stay as permanent Ban or those who considered as a normal user will going their item or silver will be recovered.


There will be no, partial result something like taken partial silver with no item issues.


We expect everything to be completed on upcoming maintenance.


Again we apologize for those who faced such inconveniencies and for your patience for waiting for us.


[UPDATE] Silver returned to the player's market retrieve tab will be able to be withdrawn after a 24 hour wait period. Items returned to the market retrieve tab can be withdrawn immediately.