To the Astral Tower! Pt. 2


Sep 17th, 2018


Greetings, Saviors!

Now that General Lhamin has agreed not to interfere in the Resistance’s plans to take back the Astral Tower, the Ranger Master has started to send her own support troops out to the Starlit Lake. Ignas isn’t happy about this, of course, so the Master is looking for someone to help keep the soldiers safe from his monsters’ attacks.

Event Period

FROM the scheduled maintenance on September 18, 2018
the scheduled maintenance on October 2, 2018

Who Can Participate

- Characters of level 30 and above

How to Participate

STEP 1. Find the Ranger Master in the city of Klaipeda and ask what you can do to help. She needs you to protect her troops on the way to the Astral Tower. Accept the Master’s mission to move to the assigned area.

STEP 2. At the mission area, protect the support soldiers for 3 minutes. The mission will only be successful if less than 20 soldiers become incapable of combat (if 20 or more soldiers do, you fail the mission).

STEP 3. If you completed the mission, return to the Ranger Master and receive Attribute Points: 500 x1! You can complete one mission per day, per team (resets at 00:00, server time).

STEP 4. Complete 7 missions and receive one Astral Tower Hero Costume Selection Box from the Ranger Master, which contains one of two exclusive costumes of your choice (Male or Female). You can receive this Box one time per team.


- You can complete one mission per day, per team (resets at 00:00, server time). If you fail the mission, you can re-enter and try again.
- If your character becomes incapable of combat, you will not fail the mission automatically. You can use a Soul Crystal or respawn at a nearby location and keep trying.
- Your daily participation counts according to when you receive the mission. If you receive the mission today and complete it tomorrow, you can still play again (receive another mission) tomorrow.
- You cannot gain EXP from the event mission area.
- All event rewards are untradeable, but they can be transferred via Team Storage.
- The Astral Tower Hero Costume Selection Box contains one Astral Tower Hero Costume. You can select the Male or Female version of the costume.
- Unused Astral Tower Hero Costume Selection Boxes will be automatically deleted one week after the end of the event.