NEW! Equipment Guide Rewards


Sep 14th, 2018

Greetings, Saviors!

Did you have a look at our newly-released Equipment Guide yet? If not, click here to explore our vast array of TOS gear options. To celebrate the launch of this new feature, we’re giving away prizes to players who browse and contribute with new community guides! See below.

Event Period

FROM September 12, 2018
TO October 10, 2018

(The event is expected to continue after this date, but rewards may be updated. Details will come in a future announcement.)

Who Can Participate

- Players of all servers

How to Participate

A. Browsing Rewards

STEP 1. Go to Browse around the Equipment Guide long enough and you may see an event code pop up.

STEP 2. Save it and enter the code on this page along with your team name and server information to send the rewards to your team. The same code may appear to other players simultaneously, so make sure to redeem your code as soon as you see it.

STEP 3. Login to Tree of Savior and retrieve the rewards from your Message Box! Here’s what you will get.

- Miracle Seeds (14 Days) x10
- Goddess Sculpture (14 Days) x10
- Attribute Points: 1000 x1

B. Community Guide Rewards

STEP 1. If you have submitted an equipment guide in our official forums ( and you would like to see it included in the community section of the Equipment Guide, you can recommend your guide by clicking the ‘Add new guide’ button, located at the bottom of the results page.

STEP 2. In the popup window that appears, enter your server and team name information, as well as the link to your guide. Remember that your information must be correct in order for you to receive the rewards.

STEP 3. Click ‘Submit’ to send us your information. If your guide is approved, it will be added to the community section of the Equipment Guide within 7 days, and we will send you the rewards to your in-game Message Box. Here’s what you will get.

- Title: Game Guide Creator x1
- Barber Shop FREE Gift Coupon x1
- Goddess’ Blessed Cube x10 + 1


- Your team name and server information must be valid and correct in order for you to receive the event rewards. If that information is incorrect, you may not receive the rewards.
- Each event code can be redeemed only once, but you can redeem up to 10 codes per team.
- Community guide rewards will be delivered only when the recommended guide is approved.
- We may change or add new rewards to this event for future iterations of it.