NEW! Secret of the Stone Plates


Aug 20th, 2018


Greetings, Saviors!

Lena from the Wings of Vaivora has recently heard rumors of a set of stone plates that have been discovered, each containing part of a mysterious message. Who could have created these stone plates, and what secrets do they hold?

Event Period

FROM the scheduled maintenance on August 21, 2018
the scheduled maintenance on September 18, 2018

Who Can Participate

- Characters of level 30 and above

How to Participate

STEP 1. Talk to Lena from the Wings of Vaivora in the city of Klaipeda to receive your daily search mission.

STEP 2. Lena will tell you all the information she has collected on the possible location of the stone plate. User her clues to deduce the plate’s location.

-  Type /stoneplate in your chat bar if you need to see the clues again.

STEP 3. Once you arrive at the location of the stone plate, look around until you find the right spot and dig out the plate!

STEP 4. Return to Lena to reveal the letter engraved on the stone plate and receive Lena’s Thank You Cube x2. Open Lena’s Cube to obtain one of the following random prizes.

- Golden Anvil (14 Days) x1
- Silver Anvil (14 Days) x1
- Goddess’ Blessed Gem x1
- Blessed Shard x1
- Raid Portal Stone x1
- Enchant Scroll x1
- Superior Bracelet Box (7 Days) x1

- Attribute Points: 100 x1
- Attribute Points: 500 x1
- Attribute Points: 1,000 x1
- EXP Tome (14 Days) x1
- Shining Enhancement Card x1
- 7-Star Gem Abrasive (14 Days) x1
- 5-Star Gem Abrasive (14 Days) x1

STEP 5. Collect all of the 14 stone plates and return to Lena for a final bundle of prizes! Here’s what you will get.

- ‘Stone Plate Collector’ Title Box x4
- Zemyna Necklace (30 Days) x1
- Lena’s Thank You Cube x20


- Participation in this event is limited to one time per day, per team (resets at 00:00, server time).
- After a quest is received from the event NPC, it cannot be abandoned or changed. Even if time resets to the next day, your quest will remain open until it is completed.
- Digging up a stone plate will not actually add a stone plate item to your inventory. You can see all the plates you have found so far by interacting with the event NPC.
- Lena’s Thank You Cubes can be transferred via Team Storage, but not traded to other players.
- Items with time limits (7 Days, 14 Days) cannot be transferred via Team Storage or traded to other players.
- Attribute Points and Title Boxes are untradeable to other players.
- You can continue to receive daily quests even after receiving the final rewards.
- You can receive your final rewards at the event NPC until October 2, 2018.
- Unused Lena’s Thank You Cubes and Title Boxes will be automatically deleted at the end of the event.