UPDATEPolicy Update Regarding RMT


Jul 4th, 2018


After the implementation of our new RMT policies, we have received multiple inquiries about accounts that have been banned with no prior warning, despite the 3-strike system described in this announcement.

We would like to clarify that the 3-strike system was put in place to avoid taking unfair action against players who may not be using the Market to conduct RMT transactions. In cases where the accounts involved are proven to be taking part in RMT, those accounts will be immediately suspended without prior warning.

Greetings, Saviors.

Today we would like to address a subject that has always been a cause for concern to many in our TOS community: real-money trading, better known simply as RMT.

Since the beginning of TOS, we have devoted our efforts towards cracking down on Silver-farming bot accounts but, for as long as there have been players looking to purchase Silver from these accounts, the practice of RMT has continued.

For this reason, we have decided to update our policies on RMT by reinforcing Market surveillance and applying restrictions not only to accounts involved in selling Silver, but also to those involved in purchasing it.

In the first step of this policy change, we will begin by reviewing items sold via Market from the date of this announcement until July 31, 2018. Should any case be found where the item was sold at a price far superior to its actual value, that item will be considered as a means for RMT and both seller and buyer accounts will be restricted.

Accounts found to be selling Silver by purchasing inexpensive items from the Market at a much higher price will immediately receive a permanent ban. Silver-buying accounts found to have listed such items will be processed as follows:

Strike 1
- GM message warning

Strike 2 (within 3 months of Strike 1)
- Listed items and Silver (or items purchased with that Silver) seized
- 15-day ban

Strike 3 (within 3 months of Strike 2)
- Permanent ban

In order to assess the new measures during this first phase and decide on how to continue improving our policy on RMT, we will be closely monitoring the operation’s results as well as players’ feedback and suggestions.

Thank you.