[BGM Movie Trailer] "Onmyoji" English Lyrics Ver. Trailer #2/ SFA - Heaven on Earth


Mar 23rd, 2018

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Introducing our new [BGM Movie Trailer] "Onmyoji" English Lyrics Ver. Trailer #2/ SFA - Heaven on Earth


● Onmyoji


About 90 years ago, the first Onmyoji abandoned their homeland and made way to our blessed Kingdom, where they took on different positions at the service of the Royal Court. Though their work in the Court ended 4 decades ago, the Onmyoji remain in the Kingdom, quietly tending to their craft in communion with the local people. That, they believe, is the way to creating a place for the Onmyoji in our society. After Medzio Diena, they have focused their efforts on addressing the hardships of a nation struck by catastrophe through the harmonious ways of their class.
It is in the balance of heaven and earth, light and dark, yin and yang that the Onmyoji find the source of their power, and nowhere are these forces better represented than in the union of the human body and spirit, which stand between heaven and earth. That is why the Onmyoji imbue their power onto sheets of paper cut out into human shapes. The energies in equilibrium manifest themselves in the properties of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, which are known as the Five Elements. The Onmyoji can use these properties not only to confuse and attack their enemies, but to protect themselves as well.
In recent times, Onmyoji Master Ahiro Seimei was involved in mediating between his country of origin and the Kingdom he now calls home. According to what was reported, the Master had been tasked with attending to complex diplomatic requests coming from his homeland while minimizing the burden on our Kingdom’s authorities. Thanks to his harmonious nature, Seimei managed to gather the support of other Class Masters, who helped him fulfill his duty most successfully.

Besides his work on the balance of the Five Elements under the rule of the goddesses and divine spirits, the Onmyoji Master is also particularly concerned with achieving harmony in the relations between his native country and our nation.
Fortunately, the Kingdom’s divine spirits are known to be gentle and temperate, allowing the Onmyoji Master a certain degree of freedom in his work. On the other hand, the burden of communicating with the divine spirits is one he shares with the Miko Master, whose carefree personality at times hinders his intentions.
In an era where the Onmyoji are no longer newcomers but integrated subjects of the Kingdom, the aftermath of Medzio Diena is heavy on the young Master’s shoulders, but our people trust his strong dedication to harmony to lead us into peaceful days, where the Kingdom and its divine spirits can live happily under the grace of the goddesses.
● Lyrics
As time flows by like a river
Pines and forest are evergreen
Cherry blossoms bloom gracefully
But my joy and sorrow wither away
As my heart drifts away into the Southern wind
Memories of summer breeze fill the air
Though I yearn for my homeland for a thousand times
My vision will be burnt into ashes
As my heart drifts away into the Northern wind
Memories of autumn bliss caress my soul
Though I yearn for my homeland for a thousand times
Every dream will be burnt into ashes
As I pray day and night under the sun and moon
Everlasting peace on Heaven and Earth 
May the gods protect us from the skies above
And unite the nation in one like Yin and Yang
Winter has arrived in the shrine
May my home be safe as sound
I believe with the sovereign’s guide 
We will have a miracle in store

Heaven on Earth (Onmyoji Main BGM)
Composed by SFA


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