What’s New: Rank Down, Gems, Monster Cards


Feb 21st, 2018

Greetings, Saviors!

This week’s content update brought in its fair share of new features and additions. In this post, we’re breaking down some of the most important gameplay changes from last maintenance to get you on top of the latest updates.

For the full list of changes and additions, make sure to check out the patch notes from February 20, 2018.

Rank Down System

Advanced into a class you didn’t mean to or ended up not liking? The Rank Down system was made for cases like yours. Here’s what you need to know about it.

1) The Rank Down system allows you to revert back to the Rank you were before your last advancement.

2) When you use the system to go back one Rank, all the skill and attribute points you used on your latest class/circle are returned to you.

3) Your total Class EXP will also reset back to the value it was right before your latest advancement.

4) You can only use the Rank Down system one time per Rank.

5) After using the system to go down one Rank, you can no longer use it to go back to a Rank lower than that.

<The requirements for using the Rank Down system are the same as the Rank Reset Voucher. Make sure to read all the instructions before rolling back your Rank!>

Traveling Merchant Geraldas

Geraldas is a new Gem merchant NPC that appears every 3 hours (from 00:00, server time) in the city of Fedimian.

At this NPC, you can trade Silver or Ancient Gold Coins for one random Gem, but there are a few things you should keep in mind:

1) Only characters of level 100 and above can use this NPC.
2) Geraldas stays in town for only 1 hour at a time.
3) Every time you buy a Gem from Geraldas on the same day, the price goes up (resets at 06:00, server time).

There are two ways to purchase Gems from Geraldas:

A. With Silver
- Base price 10,000 Silver + 5,000 per purchase (starting from the second purchase of the day)
- Lv 1-6 Red/Blue/Green/Yellow/White Gem or Monster Gem

B. With Ancient Gold Coins
- No Silver fee; you can obtain Ancient Gold Coins from the Hunting Grounds
- Lv 4-6 Red/Blue/Green/Yellow/White Gem or Monster Gem

White Gems

<This is what the new White Gems look like.>

If you follow our dev blog closely, you may have noticed these Gems making an appearance in a previous post…

White Gems are a new type of Gem you can get from Hunting Grounds, which have the ability to increase your Looting Chance when equipped. These Gems are rarer than other types of Gems and can be equipped on top, bottom, weapon, subweapon, boots and gloves equipment items.

Because of their effects, White Gems are best used on gear with some Looting Chance to create equipment sets for farming purposes.

Besides White Gems, we also added 40 new types of Monster Gems, the full list of which is included in the patch notes for February 20, 2018.

Monster Cards

<The new Monster Cards added last February 20.>

A new roster of Monster Cards is here, including cards from all 4 colours. Have a look at the table below.





Froster Lord Card

[★/2]% chance per attack of freezing the enemy for 4 sec


Woodspirit Card

10% chance of recovering [★*70] HP when attacked

Armaos Card

10% chance of generating [★*100] Shield for 10 sec


Stone Froster Card

CON +[★*1.5] for 10 sec when using HP potions

Lavenzard Card

SPR +[★*1.5] for 10 sec when using SP potions

Rafene Card

STR, CON, INT, SPR, DEX +[★/3]

Gorkas Card

Looting Chance +[★*5]


Succubus Card

Provocation per attack increase -[★]%

We also edited the tooltips of 18 existing Monster Cards to make their effects clearer to understand. Here they are:


Edited Tooltip

Biteregina Card

[★/3]% chance per attack of poisoning the enemy for 6 sec

Canceril Card

[★]% chance of recovering 2% HP when attacked by Medium-sized monsters, cooldown 15 sec

Cerberus Card

[★]% chance of recovering 1% SP when attacked by Medium-sized monsters, cooldown 5 sec

Deathweaver Card

[★]% chance of recovering 3% HP when attacked by Large-sized monsters, cooldown 15 sec

Ferret Marauder Card

Provocation per attack increase +[★]%

Giant Wood Goblin Card

Increases [★]% damage against stunned enemies

Hydra Card

Increases [★]% damage against frozen enemies

Ironbaum Card

Increases [★]% damage against sleeping enemies

Mallet Wyvern Card

[★]% chance of recovering 3% SP when attacked by Large-sized monsters, cooldown 5 sec

Marionette Card

[★/3]% chance per attack of slowing down the enemy for 3 sec

Mineloader Card

[★/3]% chance per attack of shocking the enemy for 3 sec

Moa Card

Increases [★]% damage against Demon-type monsters

Moldyhorn Card

Increases [★]% damage against petrified enemies

Prison Cutter Card

Increases [★]% damage against bleeding enemies

Rajapearl Card

[★/3]% chance per attack of bleeding the enemy for 6 sec

Velnewt Card

[★]% chance of recovering 0.5% HP when attacked by Small-sized monsters, cooldown 15 sec

Velnia Monkey Card

Increases [★]% damage against poisoned enemies

Werewolf Card

[★]% chance of attacks being registered as rear attacks