Kupole's Daily Attendance Check

By STAFF_Letitia

Feb 19th, 2018


Greetings Saviors,

We have a special Kupole waiting to talk with you every day when you are in town. Take a break and check in with this Kupole to receive some boosting experience buffs. 


Event Period 

FROM the scheduled maintenance of February 20, 2018
TO the scheduled maintenance of March 20, 2018 

Who Can Participate 

Characters of all Levels 

How to Participate

STEP 1. For the duration of the event period, you will see a curious Kupole hanging around town. It looks like she's taking notes....Why not take a second to talk with her? 

STEP 2. After talking with the Kupole, you will receive a very special buff. The effects of this buff will differ depending on the number of days you log into the game. 

STEP 3. Each day you log into the game and talk with the Kupole, she will register the number of days and will grant you a buff accordingly. Make sure you talk with her! 

- Keep in mind that the effects of the buff differ according to the number of days you speak with the event Kupole. 
- If you break your consecutive streak, you will have to start over from Day 1


Day 1: Nothing...sorry you're just getting started and the Kupole wants to see if you'll come again. 
Day 2: EXP +5% 
Day 3: EXP +10% 
Day 4: EXP +15% 
Day 5: EXP +20% 
Day 6: EXP +25% 
Day 7: EXP +30%  AND Movement Speed +1 



- The buffs can be obtained by all characters and will last up to 1 hour. 
- The number of times you can receive the buff is unlimited.