2017 Rank Update FAQ


Dec 13th, 2017

Greetings, Saviors!

A lot has changed in TOS with the latest Rank update: new classes, new features, revised content… it can be a lot to take in at once. So, to get you up-to-date with the newest version of TOS, we put together a little FAQ list that hopefully will help clear any doubts on what’s changed and how it’s changed.

Keep in mind that this list only contains information on some of the main aspects of the update. For a more exhaustive list of all the changes and fixes, please check the patch notes.

[Challenge Mode]

- The Challenge Mode is a new game mode that allows you to fight powerful monsters for better equipment items and cube rewards.
- The Challenge Mode consists of 5 stages, each running for a maximum of 10 minutes.
- To complete each stage you need to defeat the boss monster within the time limit. Only then can you move on to the next stage or complete the challenge.

Q. How can I enter the Challenge Mode?
In fields of recommended level 200 and above, you will come across a purple monster which you must defeat in order to create a portal to the Challenge Mode. This monster will appear in regular fields, but not in Hunting Grounds.

Also, keep in mind that the Challenge Mode will close automatically if your 10 minutes run out or you become incapable of combat.

Defeat the purple monster to open the Challenge Mode portal.

The gauge at the bottom shows your current Challenge Level (stage).

Your goal is to defeat the monsters and charge up the gauge within the time limit to complete the stage. When the stage is complete, you will see two portals: Step Up and Close.

Step Up takes you to the next Challenge Level, and Close ends the Challenge Mode.

Complete stage 5 and exit through the Close portal to receive your Challenge Mode rewards and cubes.

Q. Can other players enter the portal too?
Yes. The portal stays open for 10 minutes and anyone who qualifies can enter it (players whose character is within 30 levels of the Challenge Mode level). The Challenge Mode map behaves like a cutscene quest, so you won’t see non-party member players there when you get in.

[Unique Raid]

- This a new raid-type dungeon where you can get recipes and materials for Lv 350 Unique equipment.
- The dungeon is available to characters of level 330 and above, and it can be accessed through the corresponding tower (First Shelter) in Nobreer Forest.
- There is no daily entrance limit, but each entry consumes a set amount of a special material item.

Q. What items do I need to get in?
To enter the dungeon, you need at least 6 Raid Portal Stones. The Stones are consumed from your inventory after you receive the dungeon’s final rewards, and every entry on the same day costs additional Stones.

Raid Portal Stones can be obtained as rewards from the Challenge Mode, and Token users get a discount of 2 Stones on each entry.

Q. Can I use vouchers and other dungeon-related items there?
No. Instance Clear Vouchers, Multiply Tokens and entrance/reset vouchers do not work on the Unique Raid dungeon.

Q. The dungeon didn’t give me any Silver or EXP.
The Unique Raid dungeon does not drop Silver or EXP.

[Instanced Dungeons]

- Each entry is now counted only after you receive the dungeon’s final rewards.
- Instanced dungeons now have a completion rate system which determines the amount of rewards you can receive.

Q. The entrance to instanced dungeons are gone!
The old instanced dungeon entrances were removed. Now you can access all instanced dungeons through the Sentinel Rian NPC located in Klaipeda.

Q. How are dungeon entries counted now?
Before, each instanced dungeon entry was counted as soon as you entered the dungeon (entering the dungeon = -1 entry).

Now, the entry only counts when you receive the dungeon’s final rewards. Dungeon rewards (Silver, cubes) are now delivered all at once when you defeat the final boss monster. If you exit the instanced dungeon before that, you won’t receive any rewards and the entry will not count.

Q. Is the amount of Silver received from clearing the dungeon a common reward shared with other party members?
No, the amounts of Silver stated as instanced dungeon rewards are the individual amounts each player gets for completing the dungeon. For example, if a party of 5 clears the Lv 300 instanced dungeon with a completion rate of 100%, each party member receives 220,000 Silver.

Under this system, there’s no need to solo low-level dungeons to fund your characters, since it’s more effective to clear those closer to your own level in premade or automatched parties.

Q. I cleared the dungeon but didn’t receive any EXP.
It’s possible that the monsters you defeated were 50 or more levels apart from your own character’s level. You will not receive EXP from them if that’s the case.

Q. I think I got too many cubes at once. Is it a bug?
No. Instanced dungeons now have a completion rate (displayed in the minimap UI), which you can increase to receive bonus rewards, including extra cubes. The more monsters you defeat, the higher the completion rate and the more rewards you get.

Please note that, if you clear an instanced dungeon with a completion rate under 20%, however, the final boss will not drop any Silver.

Q. I can’t get any EXP or items from the dungeon!
All the rewards, including EXP and cubes, are now delivered to you only after you defeat the final boss monster of the dungeon.

Q. I can’t reopen the cubes.
Cubes obtained as instanced dungeon rewards (the ones called “[Dungeon Name] Cube”) cannot be reopened.

Q. I can’t reincarnate monsters inside the instanced dungeon anymore.
Reincarnation skills no longer apply inside instanced dungeons.

[Party EXP]

- You can now increase your EXP gains according to the number of members in your regular party (this includes field parties).
- The former EXP bonus obtained from having 3 or more different class trees represented in the same party no longer applies.

Q. What’s different about party EXP bonuses now?
There’s no more bonus for having different classes in the party, but the automatch bonus now applies on top of regular EXP rules.

- Regular EXP: For parties of 5, it’s the same bonus as before. For parties of 4 or less, the bonus has increased.
- Automatch EXP: For parties of 5 and 4, the standard is the same. For parties of 3 and 2, the bonus is lower.

[Common Drop Items]

Q. Common drop items like Golden Anvils, Instance Clear Vouchers, etc. aren’t dropping like before.
Those items can’t be obtained in regular fields or instanced dungeons anymore. Instead, you can now get Golden Anvils, Monster Card Albums (all 4 colors), Blessed Shards and Gems (Lv 1 to 3) from Hunting Grounds.

Aside from that, the drop rate of Rare and Unique grade unidentified items has also increased by 2-4 times.

[Item Re-identification]

- The stats applied to items when they are identified are now random.
- If you want to get a different set of stats, you can get your items re-identified at the Blacksmith NPC in Klaipeda or Orsha.

Q. If I get my item re-identified, will the new stats be completely different?
The total number of stats and the group to which the stats belong will not change. Instead, you can get different stats within the same group. There are four stat groups: Attack, Defense, Utility and Basic Stats.

- Attack group: physical attack, additional property damage, magic attack, magic amplification, critical attack, defense type attack, monster type attack.
- Defense group: physical defense, magic defense, attack type defense, property resistance, critical resistance.
- Utility group: accuracy, block, stamina, HP, SP, HP recovery, SP recovery, critical rate, block penetration, looting chance, evasion.
- Basic stats group: STR, DEX, INT, SPR, CON.

Q. Can I also re-identify [Faded] items?
No. [Faded] items are the (un)identified items from before the update and they cannot be re-identified. Only unidentified items obtained after December 12, 2017 can be re-identified.

[Incapable of Combat Penalties]

- Becoming incapable of combat no longer consumes Goddess’ Blessed Gems or Monster Cards from your inventory as penalty.

Q. How is the penalty different now?
You will no longer lose Goddess’ Blessed Gems or Monster Cards when you become incapable of combat in certain fields. This is how much of each item you can lose from your inventory now, according to the star rating of the map:



Blessed Shards


No loss

No loss

No loss


5 (not %)

No loss

No loss


5 (not %)




[Other FAQ]

Q. The attribute to increase buff count is gone.
There is no more limit to the amount of buffs you can have, so the attribute was removed.

Q. I made a mistake on my Companion’s name. Can I change it?
Now you can. Open the Companion window (F9) and click the pencil icon to change the name of your Companion. It will consume 9 TP, the same amount charged for changing your character name.