UPDATE[CLOSED] Xmas Search Mission


Jan 21st, 2018


Greetings, Saviors!

A terrible thing has happened! On his way to deliver presents to the Kingdom, Santa hit his sleigh on the peak of a mountain, causing it to tip over and drop all of the gifts! Now Christmas is in the hands of Santa’s fearless helpers. Venture into the dangerous mountain and find the lost presents before nightfall!

Event Period

FROM the scheduled maintenance on December 19, 2017
the scheduled maintenance on January 9, 2018

Who Can Participate

- Characters of level 50 and above

How to Participate

STEP 1. Head to your nearest Event Notice Board to enter the event mission and help look for Santa’s presents. You can enter the mission one time per character, per day.

STEP 2. When you arrive at the mission, your goal is to search the mountain and find the Lost Present before nightfall to get 500 Attribute Points (14 Days)!

        - You will have 10 minutes to complete the mission.
        - Movement speed inside the mission will be the same for everyone, but it will increase if there is 1 minute or less left in the mission.
        - The mission is divided into four sections, each containing a teleportation device you can use to go back to the beginning of the corresponding section.
        - There is only one Lost Present to find in each mission, but every party member who finds it will receive the corresponding reward(s).

STEP 3. There’s an additional reward for those who are willing to look the part. Besides the attribute points, you will also get a Fortune Cookie every time you find the Lost Present if you are wearing one of the following items:

- Sexy Santa Costume (Male/Female)
- Rudolph Costume
- Rudolph Helmet
- Swordsman Christmas Costume (Male/Female)
- Wizard Christmas Costume (Male/Female)
- Archer Christmas Costume (Male/Female)
- Cleric Christmas Costume (Male/Female)

STEP 4. Speedy Santa helpers also get an additional reward! Find the Lost Present in 3 minutes or less and receive an extra 500 Attribute Points (14 Days)!

STEP 5. When all party members find the Lost Present, or when your mission’s 10 minutes run out, you will return to the Campsite. There, talk to the Camp Manager NPC to receive two additional Keista Restoration Potions Lv2! You’ve earned them with your hard work!


- The event mission is not affected by instanced dungeon items like Instance Clear Vouchers, Multiply Tokens or entrance/reset vouchers.
- Items with expiration dates ("14 Days") cannot be traded or transferred via Team Storage, so make sure to receive them with the correct character.
- If "Show Other Characters' Effects" under Game Settings is unchecked, some objects in the mission may not appear to you, so make sure to check that option before you enter the mission.
- Inside the mission, Swordsman Dash graphic effects will still be visible, but it will not affect the characters' actual movement speed.
- After exiting the event mission, your movement speed will return to normal.
- [UPDATED] Please note that you will not be able to enter the mission with the same character after receiving rewards for 10 minutes. You must wait for more than 10 minutes to enter the mission again.