New Rank Booster DLC Coming to Steam

By STAFF_Ethan

Dec 20th, 2017


Greetings, Saviors!
The 'New Rank Booster', a new DLC item bundle that will allow you to get right back into the action with everyone else will soon be released on Steam.
The pack, expected to arrive as soon as it passes Valve's approval process, will remain available for purchase until further notice for those who wish to acquire it. Please check the details for the contents of the New Rank Booster DLC.



[New Rank Booster DLC Contents]


The 'New Rank Booster' DLC is a product that will reward you with new items each day you log in. The rewards include the following: 


[Day 1] 1 x Boss Bear Hat (Tradable) - What do you need when the weather gets a bit chilly? A Boss Bear Hat!


[Day 2] 1 x Attribute Points 500 Ticket (Untradable) - Hit harder with your skills after investing attribute points!


[Day 3] 3 x Silver Anvil (Untradable) - Low on silver? Use these Silver Anvils to gear up!


[Day 4] 5 x Enchant Scroll (Untradable) - Add a little magic to your life with these scrolls!


[Day 5] 1 x Enhancement Card Lv1 (Untradable) - Feel your cards just won't cut it? Use this to buff it up!


[Day 6] 1 x Rank 6 Level Up Chest (Untradable) - Get a character boost to Rank 6!


[Day 7] 1 x Lv 350 Armor Selection Box (Untradable) - Need some gear in a hurry? Here's some armor just for you!


[Day 8] 10 x Enhancement Coupon: 100,000 Silver (Untradable) - Save silver while enhancing your gear with these Coupons!


[Day 9] 5 x Superior Gem Abrasive (Untradable) - Make sure your gems are all shining before joining the next party!


[Day 10] 1 x Attribute Points 1,000 Ticket (Untradable) - Hit harder with your skills after investing attribute points!


[Day 11] 1 x Dionys Armband (Tradable) - A smiling Dionys armband for everyone!


[Day 12] 5 x Enchant Scroll (Untradable) - Add a little magic to your life with these scrolls!


[Day 13] 3 x Golden Anvil (Untradable) - Have equipment low on potential? Fear not! Here are 3 Golden Anvils just for you!


[Day 14] 1 x Lv 350 Weapon Selection Box (Untradable) - Need some extra firepower for the next dungeon? Get your pick here!



[How to use the New Rank Booster DLC]

Step 1. Retrieve the DLC product from your postbox by selecting a character you wish to give it to.


Step 2. Use the 'New Rank Booster' DLC item from your inventory.


Step 3. Receive the Daily Rewards by logging into Tree of Savior for 14 days!




1. The items included in the DLC product may be changed in the future. If such a change is made, an announcement will be made at least 21-days beforehand.


2. Please make sure you are purchasing a product for your region.


3. You may only receive the items on one server so please choose carefully.


4. The reward counter cannot be paused/restarted once the item is used. Please make sure you wish to receive the rewards before using DLC product.


5. You must log in for 14 days in order to get all of the items.


6. You have 28 days to redeem the items after opening the package. The days will count down even if you do not log in to the game. We cannot help redeem items past the initial countdown.


7. All items, except for the 'Boss Bear Hat' and 'Dionys Armband', cannot be traded. This includes the items that come from the Armor/Weapon selection boxes.