[CLOSED] HALLOWEEN '17: Get That Vubbe!!


Nov 22nd, 2017


Greetings, Saviors!

As the night of October 31st approaches, a troupe of Vubbe monsters has been seen roaming around Klaipeda, feeding off the city's spooky vibes… It’s up to the toughest trick-or-treaters to show those Vubbes who runs the town!

Event Period

FROM the scheduled maintenance of October 24, 2017
the scheduled maintenance of November 21, 2017

Who Can Participate

- Characters of all levels

How to Participate

STEP 1. Every hour, you might see a suspicious Halloween Vubbe appear in the city of Klaipeda. It may look like an innocent Halloween disguise, but don’t be fooled!

STEP 2. When you see the monster, your goal is to defeat it in order to obtain the Halloween Vubbe buff, which increases your EXP gains. Each Vubbe intruder will have a set HP of 300, and each attack dealt to it will inflict 1 of damage.

STEP 3. Talk to the Scaredy Scarecrow in Klaipeda to exchange your Odd Candies for one of the following rewards!

- Blessed Shard Box (100 Odd Candies)
Halloween Box* (300 Odd Candies)
Attribute Points Box Rank A (500 Odd Candies)
Attribute Points Box Rank S (1,000 Odd Candies)
Bear Eyemask (6,000 Odd Candies)

*Halloween Box Items (1 random item per box)
Halloween Firecracker x5
Odd Candy x50
Odd Candy x100
Odd Candy x300
Title: Dungeon Creeper
Commemorative Note x1 [displays a commemorative image]
EXP Tome (14 Days) x1
Goddess Sculpture (14 Days) x1
Old Enhancement Card x1
Enchant Scroll (14 Days) x1
Golden Anvil x1
LV 10 Gem Abrasive x1


- Odd Candies cannot be traded but they can be transferred via Team Storage.
- Odd Candies will be automatically deleted after the event period has ended.
- The Dungeon Creeper title cannot be traded, but it can be transferred via Team Storage.