Nov 22nd, 2017


Greetings, Saviors!

It’s Halloween season again! This time we’re celebrating with a brand new kind of competitive dungeon where you’ll have to fight for your sweet Halloween treats….

Event Period

FROM the scheduled maintenance on October 24, 2017
TO the scheduled maintenance on November 21, 2017

Who Can Participate

- Characters of Rank 3 or higher

How to Participate

STEP 1. To enter the event dungeon, talk to the Scaredy Scarecrow in the city of Klaipeda. The dungeon opens every hour at 00 minutes (01:00, 02:00, 03:00, etc.) and remains open for 15 minutes.

        - You can enter the event dungeon up to 3 times per day, per team (resets at 00:00, server time).
        - You can always enter the event dungeon as long as it is open and you have at least 1 entry left.
        - Entering the dungeon multiple times within the same time schedule (for example, entering two different times on the 01:00-01:15 schedule) will not count as multiple entries.
        -  You cannot enter the event dungeon if your character is in a premade party.
        -  Non-cosmetic items must be taken off before entering the dungeon. 

STEP 2. Upon entering the dungeon, you’ll be transported to “Creepy Klaipeda” and automatically obtain 5 Sugar Treats. Your goal there is to attack monsters and fellow Saviors in order to gain more Treats, while avoiding being attacked, which will subtract from your total of Treats. To do this, you can’t use your usual character skills; instead, you’ll have to use the event-exclusive Candy Dash skill and basic attacks (see Combat Rules).

STEP 3. Monsters and other players won't be your only obstacles in Creepy Klaipeda. Inside the event dungeon, you will come across a type of beads on the ground with a circle around them. Step near the beads and, if you're carrying 150 Sugar Treats or more, 25% of your Treats will be consumed, while another 25% is dropped on the ground around you!

STEP 4. If you manage to defeat the only Ghost Tini monster in the map, a red portal will appear for 15 seconds. Exit the dungeon through this portal and you will return to the city of Klaipeda with all the Sugar Treats you collected inside, which will be automatically converted into Odd Candies. If you don’t exit through the portal, you will only return to Klaipeda after the dungeon’s 15 minutes are up (your Sugar Treats will still be converted into Odd Candies).

        - You can also exit the dungeon through the Scaredy Scarecrow NPC, but in that case the Sugar Treats you collected inside will be consumed (deleted).

STEP 5. After collecting Odd Candies from the event dungeon, exchange the Candies for different rewards at the Scaredy Scarecrow (see Rewards).

Combat Rules

1) You will not be able to use skills or items inside the event dungeon. You also cannot bring in any Companions.
2) All players will use the same basic attack (Z key), which increases in range but also in cooldown and casting time whenever you gather over 50, 100 and 150 Sugar Treats.
3) The only skill you can use inside the dungeon is Candy Dash, a skill exclusive to this event dungeon.
4) Candy Dash does not deal damage. It increases your movement speed by 10 for 3 seconds. The cooldown is 6 seconds.
5) In order to gain Sugar Treats, you need to attack other players or monsters inside the event dungeon (Kepa, Popolion, Large Kepa, Halloween Witch).
6) You lose Sugar Treats every time you are attacked by players/monsters or use the Candy Dash skill.
7) No defense is applied inside the dungeon. Instead, your attack and HP are determined by the total amount of Sugar Treats you possess.

Stats Inside the Dungeon

- SUGAR TREATS: After entering the event dungeon, you receive a basic amount of 5 Sugar Treats. After that, your current amount will be displayed over your character.
- ATTACK: 2 or less Sugar Treats equal an attack value of 1; after that, 1 attack is added for every 2 Sugar Treats (for example, having 9 Sugar Treats will give you a total attack of 4).
- DEFENSE: Does not apply inside the event dungeon.
- HP: Your HP equals the number of Sugar Treats you possess. Whenever you are attacked, your Treats drop according to the damage inflicted.


Exchange your Odd Candies (converted Sugar Treats) for rewards at the Scaredy Scarecrow!

- Blessed Shard Box (100 Odd Candies)
- Halloween Box* (300 Odd Candies)
- Attribute Points Box Rank A (500 Odd Candies)
- Attribute Points Box Rank S (1,000 Odd Candies)
- Bear Eyemask (6,000 Odd Candies)

*Halloween Box Items (1 random item per box)
- Halloween Firecracker x5
Odd Candy x50
Odd Candy x100
Odd Candy x300
Title: Dungeon Creeper
Commemorative Note x1 [displays a commemorative image]
EXP Tome (14 Days) x1
Goddess Sculpture (14 Days) x1
Old Enhancement Card x1
Enchant Scroll (14 Days) x1
Golden Anvil x1
LV 10 Gem Abrasive x1


- Odd Candies cannot be traded but they can be transferred via Team Storage.
- Odd Candies will be automatically deleted after the event period has ended.
- You can enter the event dungeon a maximum of 3 times per day, per team (regardless of Token use).
- You can collect a maximum of 300 Odd Candies per entry.
- If you happen to be kicked out of the dungeon due to an error, your Sugar Treats will reset but the entry will not count towards your daily maximum.
- The Dungeon Creeper title cannot be traded, but it can be transferred via Team Storage.
- Information about the event can be double checked via the in-game Help List