[CLOSED] Kivotos’ Compass Ep. 2: The Holy Detector

By STAFF_Letitia

Nov 22nd, 2017

Greetings Saviors, 

To continue our tale... 

Goddess Jurate knew that Kivotos’ Compass had gone missing, but her battle with the demons has prevented her from finding it. Whenever there was a lull in battle, she dispatched a Kupole to search for the compass. However the compass, after landing on the Igti Coast, was not easy to find.

Thus, Jurate's Kupole plans to use a holy detector to complete his task, but the demons have caught wind of this...

Event Period: 

FROM the scheduled maintenance of October 10, 2017 
UNTIL the scheduled maintenance of October 31, 2017

Who Can Participate  

Characters of level 40 and above


How to Participate 

STEP 1. Make your way to Klaipeda and talk with the Jurate's Kupole NPC. Agree to help him and you will enter the Mission.


- On Weekdays, each character can enter the mission once per day.
- On Weekends, each character can enter 2 times. After completing 1 mission, talk with Jurate's Kupole again and the option to receive 1 extra mission entry will appear.
- Mission resets at 6 AM (server time). 

STEP 2. Keep the detector safe from the monsters and defeat the final boss! 

STEP 3. After clearing the mission, Jurate's Kupole and a Treasure Box will appear. When a member of your party opens the Treasure Box the same random reward from the list of possible rewards will be given to all party members.

- Defeating the monsters will not grant experience points.
Only after opening the "Treasure Box" will rewards and experience points be applied and the mission officially cleared.
- You will be able to enter the mission again until the mission is officially cleared.
- Monsters in the mission will automatically match your character's level.

STEP 4. After clearing the necessary amount of missions, special rewards can be acquired by talking with Jurate's Kupole NPC. Type the command /detect in your chat bar or click the “i” button in the Event popup window to check the number of mission you have cleared. 


Mission Clear Rewards

Successfully protect the detector and receive more rewards! 

5 Mission Clears =  + 50% experience for 30 minutes 
10 Mission Clears = Diamond Anvil (14 Days) x 1 
20 Mission Clears = Ceremonial Knife
25 Mission Clears = Stat Reset Potion (14 Days)

"Treasure Box" Rewards 

Each treasure box opens to reveal a random reward! After opening the Treasure Box the same reward will be given to all party members. 

- Enchant Scroll (1 Day) x 1
- EXP Tome (14 Days) x1
- Instanced Dungeon Multiply Token (14 Days) x 1
- Instanced Dungeon One Entry Voucher (14 Days) x1 
- Megaphone x 5
- Warp Scroll x 5
- Soul Crystal x 3 


- Weekday (Per Character): 1 entry per day
- Weekend (Per Character) : 2 entries per day
Resets at 6 AM (server time) 
​> Only on weekends, after clearing the mission once, by talking with the NPC, can an extra entry be added. 
> Token users will receive the same amount of entries. 
- The event mission is not affected by Instanced Dungeon Reset Vouchers or Instance Clear Vouchers
- It is possible to reenter until the mission is completely cleared.
- Experience points and rewards will be applied after the "Treasure Box" is opened.