Introducing: Guild Territory Wars


Sep 19th, 2017

Greetings, Saviors!

We at the dev team have hinted about wanting to develop new formats of PvP content before, particularly when it comes to guild wars. Well, we’ve been working away on a bunch of new ideas ever since, and today we’re ready to introduce you to a different kind of GvG experience we’re developing called the Guild Territory Wars.

Our goal with the Territory Wars is to create a guild activity that’s challenging and highly rewarding, one that requires optimal team work from the guild members and strong leadership from the guild master. Everything is still in the works for now, but we’re going to continue focusing on this and other projects to advance and diversify guild content.

So… What Are Territory Wars?

Guild Territory Wars are a large-scale PvP challenge in which guilds can battle each other to seize areas of territory in a field.

We believe Territory Wars – and the hefty rewards we have planned for them – can help promote healthy competition, creating a real purpose for guilds to grow and develop.

Before the War


The plan is to have Guild Territory Wars begin every Sunday at 8 PM and last a total of one hour. Before the schedule begins, players will be able to select whether to take part in the wars or not through an option in the Guild window.

Only the guild master will have the authority to opt in or out of Territory Wars. This is in line with a series of other updates we have planned for guild content, which aim to solidify the role of leader for guild masters.

Spot Areas


Spot Area

Genar Field

Galeed Plateau

Inner Wall District 8






Spot Areas are maps where players can fight in Territory Wars, with Spots being the sections of land you can seize. According to the grade of the Spot Area, the rewards for seizing the corresponding Spot will be different. As of now, we have a total of three Spot Areas planned out (the ones in the table above), but we will consider adding more areas to the game depending on how they perform.

The War Begins!


When the Territory Wars schedule starts, entering a Spot Area will require you to select one of two options at the green arrow in adjacent fields. Here you can jump right into the war zone, or skip the battle and enter the map as you normally would.

After moving to the Spot Area, guild members can battle in true PvP style to either protect their seized Spot or seize the one held by the rival guild. Members of the guild that seized the Spot in the previous Territory Wars will be allowed to enter the Spot Area 5 minutes before the war begins to plan out their strategy.

Seizing/Protecting a Spot


During the war, each Spot Area will contain a Territory Tower, with the land around it forming the Spot that can be seized by a guild. To gain hold of a Spot, guild members will need to earn points by advancing into the perimeter of the tower. The guild that currently holds the Spot, on the other hand, can fight back by reducing the points of the invaders. The final score will then determine which guild will hold that Spot during the next Territory Wars.

1) Earning Points (Invading Guild)

The invading guild earns points every second according to the number of members within the perimeter of the Territory Tower. Below is a table that shows the amount of points earned by invading the Spot of the guild that holds it.

No. of members in the Spot

1 member

2 members

3 members

4 or more members

Points earned per second





2) Taking Points (Protecting Guild)


The guild protecting their Spot can deduct points from the invading guild, also according to the number of guild members within the perimeter of the Territory Tower. Here, too, the amount of points taken from the invading guild every second increases proportionally to the number of members of the protecting guild inside the Spot.

No. of members in the Spot

1 member

2 members

9 members

10 or more members

Points taken per second





3) Final Score


The first guild to score exactly 1,000 points in the war seizes the Spot. In certain situations, however, the guild may not be able to gain any more points, like in the example below.


My guild (1 member in the Spot)

Guild A (1 member in the Spot)

Guild B (2 members in the Spot)

Guild C (1 member in the Spot)






If, like in this example, two or more guilds have gathered all the conditions to reach 1,000 points, their score will no longer increase. Instead, those guilds will need to gather all of their members inside the Spot in order to win. We should note that there’s still room for improvement in the point system, but we will keep you notified of any changes.

4) Protector Buff


Guilds that succeed in seizing a Spot will receive a special Protector Buff that boosts their members’ combat abilities. Not only that, the more wars a guild manages to keep hold of a Spot, the more intense the effects of the buff will be.

Strategic Bosses



Territory Wars have one more tactical element to them: boss monsters. During the war, a powerful boss monster will appear, which guild members can defeat in order to receive temporary beneficial effects.

These boss monsters can make a big difference in the amount of points you earn or take, becoming an important part of your guild’s strategy. We do, on the other hand, understand that there could be aspects about this feature we haven’t fully predicted, so we’re open to adjusting any rules necessary to make the system as fair as possible.

The Rewards



Winning the Territory Wars and securing a Spot is certainly worth a generous reward. After every period of war, guilds that succeeded in seizing a Spot will receive a set percentage of the amount of Market fees they paid during the past week. This prize is delivered in the form of items to the Guild Storage.

Again, this a feature we are still polishing. Any changes we make to the rewards should be announced separately.