UPDATEKnown Issues: September 12, 2017


Sep 13th, 2017

Greetings, Saviors.

We are currently aware of the following issue and it has now been solved. We will keep you updated on further procedures.

1) Savior's Pick Event Dropping Irregular Attribute Points

- After the scheduled maintenance of September 12, the Attribute Points: 1000 reward obtained from the returning player event was reported to apply as x1000 the correct amount.

This issue has now been solved and we will be retrieving the irregular Attribute Points from the accounts of players who have already received them. Please refrain from using any of these Attribute Points until the issue has been completely handled.

We will keep you updated on the progress of this issue.

- UPDATE: Sep 13 -

We have retrieved part of the irregular Attribute Point items from players' accounts. Accounts that require additional processing are now being handled. Please note that you may be temporarily disconnected in order for us to process your account and retrieve the items.

- UPDATE 2: Sep 13 -

Processing of all accounts has been completed and excess Attribute Points have been retrieved. Thank you for your patience and understanding while the process was ongoing.

Please let us know via Support Ticket if you are experiencing other problems. When reporting issues, please be as detailed as possible. Screenshots, character/team/server/class details and timestamps would be greatly appreciated. The more information we have on a specific issue, the quicker it will be resolved.