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Legend Card

-Legend Cards are special Monster Cards that can be obtained by defeating Demon Lord Field Bosses, doing Guild Quests or clearing Unique Raids.


Equipping a Legend Card


-Legend Card equipment slot is usually locked.


-You can only equip one Legend Card at a time.


-To unlock the Legend Card equipment slot, you must complete the Unlock Legend Card Slot quest available from Lv 100 and above.
-The quest can be completed once per character and only the characters that have completed the quest will be able to equip a Legend Card.


1. The quest will begin automatically upon reaching Character Lv 100.
2. You must complete the nine Revelation quests to unlock the Legend Card slot.
3. Talk to the Statue of Goddess Ausrine in Klaipeda after completing the quest to unlock the Legend Card slot.

Enhancing a Legend Card

-Legend Cards are made stronger through enhancements.
-During Rest Mode(Press the Insert key), click on Enhance Legend Card.


-The success of the Legend Card enhancement depends on the target Legend Card and the levels and grades of 4 Monster Cards to be used as ingredients.
-You can use up to 4 monster cards when enhancing a Legend Card and the cards used as ingredients will be deleted after use.
-You can use less than 4 monster cards for enhancement if you want.

Legend Enhancement Card


-If a Legend Card of 6 stars or above is destroyed because of failed enhancement, a Legend Enhancement Card will be given depending on the level of the Legend Card destroyed.
-Legend Enhancement Card has 5X the success rate of regular Monster Cards, and 0.5X the success rate of Legend Cards when used for enhancement.
-Legend Enhancement Card can be enhanced through regular Card Synthesis.
-Legend Enhancement Cards cannot be used as an ingredient in Card Synthesis.




-Enhancing a Legend Card requires the Belorb item, which can be purchased from Klaipeda's Magic Association NPC.
-The Belorbs used in Legend Card enhancement will be consumed.
-The number of Belorbs required will correspond to the level of the Legend Card being enhanced.



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