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Earth Tower

-Earth Tower is an instanced dungeon consisting of Lolopanther and Solmiki areas.
-Rewards from clearing Earth Tower dungeons can be collected and traded for equipment.
You cannot gain EXP from clearing Earth Tower dungeons.
-Press Space at the Earth Tower Notice Board located in the Istora Ruins area to enter.
-You can enter the Earth Tower dungeons with a pre-made party but you cannot use the automatch function.
-Entry count for Earth Tower dungeons is reset every Monday on 6 AM server time.
-The entry count for Earth Tower will be deducted on retrieving the reward item for clearing the dungeon.
-After you enter the Earth Tower, talk to Kupole Lhuta and choose Starting the Lolopanther/Solmiki Area option.
-The Earth Tower is divided into different floors and there are missions you must undertake for each floor.
-Boss monsters will appear at certain floors of the tower. Defeating the monster will yield special ingredients.
-Completing the mission on the first floor of the Earth Tower will let you continue climbing the tower.
-You can earn Condensed Earth Tower Cubes, various symbols and Earth Fragments by completing the Earth Tower dungeon.
-Gosarius Essence can be obtained randomly by opening Condensed Earth Tower Cubes.

Earth Tower Floor Earth Fragments Number
Earth Tower 5F Lv 1 Earth Fragment 10
Earth Tower 10F 12
Earth Tower 15F 15
Earth Tower 20F 17
Earth Tower 25F Lv 2 Earth Fragment 10
Earth Tower 30F 15
Earth Tower 35F 20
Earth Tower 40F 25

-The cost for re-opening of the cube the second time will decrease by 60% for Token users.

Earth Tower Cube Name 1st Re-opening 2nd Re-opening
Condensed Earth Tower 5F Cube 1,400,000 560,000
Condensed Earth Tower 10F Cube 2,100,000 840,000
Condensed Earth Tower 15F Cube 2,800,000 1,120,000
Condensed Earth Tower 20F Cube 3,500,000 1,400,000
Condensed Earth Tower 25F Cube 3,500,000 1,400,000
Condensed Earth Tower 30F Cube 4,200,000 1,680,000
Condensed Earth Tower 35F Cube 4,900,000 1,960,000
Condensed Earth Tower 40F Cube 6,300,000 2,520,000

-The ingredients earned in the Earth Tower dungeons can be traded with Kedoran Merchant NPC's for powerful equipment.



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