First time playing? : The Basics


-You can store items in the storage through the Storage Keeper NPC's in Klaipeda, Orsha and Fedimian.
-There are two different storages: The Personal Storage and the Team Storage.



1. Personal Stroage

-The base storage limit for your Personal Storage is 60 slots and it will cost 20 Silver everytime you transfer items to and from your Personal Storage.
-Timed Items and Quest Items will not be able to be stored in your Personal Storage.


-You can click on the Expand Storage button on the top right corner of the storage window to expand your storage by 10 slots for 20 TP.


-You can click on the button to the left of the Expand Storage button to sort your items by price, grade, weight and name.


2. Team Storage


-Items can be shared by the characters that belong to the same Team using the Team Storage.
-The base storage limit for your Team Storage is 5 slots, which can be expanded up to 70 slots.
-Transferring items to and from the team storage will cost you 20 Silver.
-The highest amount of Silver that can be stored in your Team Storage is 2 billion.
-Take note that some items may be restricted from being transferred to the Team Storage


[Expanding the Team Storage]
1. By paying Silver to expand your team storage (maximum of 9 slots at 200,000 Silver per slot).
2. By Token use (Using a Token will increase your Team Storage by an additional 30 slots).
3. By completing special collections that increase your Team Storage slot.
4. By receiving Team Storage Expansion Voucher while progressing your Adventure Journal and Exploration.



*Using a Token will give you additional benefits in using your Team Storage.
-An addition of 30 slots will be provided with token use.
-You will also be able to share Silver for different characeters in the same Team.
-Silver stored in the Team Storage can be withdrawn and deposited freely for all characters in the same server.


-Items and their tradability are displayed in the item description window.
-When an item cannot be stored in the Team Storage, the message 'This item is untradable' will be displayed.


-The number of trades given to you through Token use will not be deducted by moving items into Team Storage.