Got the basics down? : Useful Functions For Everyone


-Transcendence is a new way of upgrading your equipment using Blessed Gems.
-Every time an equipment is transcended by +1, its stats will be go up by 10%.
-Equipment that can be transcended are weapons, armor and accessories.
-The success rate of Transcendence is determined by the number of Blssed Gems used and the minimum required number of Blessed Gems ingredients.
-The number of Blessed Gems required differ from one equipment to another.
-The success rate of Transcendence is also different for different stages of transcendence (maximum is 10).
-When Transcendence has failed, the Transcendence level and the potential of the item will be deducted by 1.

* You must be careful as the item will be destroyed if transcendence is failed while its potential is zero.
* Transcended items cannot be traded, but they can be sold via the Market or moved stored in your Character or Team Storage.
* Items that are locked cannot be transcended.

-You can obtain Blessed Shards by opening Blessed Cubes and Sister Aiste's Gift earned from Saalus Convent missions.
-Purchase the Recipe - Goddess' Blessed Gem from the Item Merchants in Klaipeda and Orsha to make Goddess' Blessed Cubes.
-You can transcend your equipment using the Goddess' Blessed Cubes by talking to the Blacksmith NPC in Klaipeda and Orsha.
-The success rate of Transcendence will be displayed when the Goddess' Blessed Gem is added.