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Velcoffer's Nest

1. Velcoffer's Nest

-Velcoffer's Nest is a new Legend raid where you can obtain materials to produce Velcoffer equipment.
-Velcoffer's Nest shares its entry limit with Earth Tower and other Legend raids
-You can enter 2 times per week, per character
-The entry limit resets every Monday at 06:00 server time.
-Access to the raid will be limited to characters of level 360 and above.
-To access Velcoffer's Nest, talk to Kupole Simona at Tevhrin Stalactite Cave Section 5
-Automatching is not available for Velcoffer's Nest (You must use the Enter Now function instead).
[How to Play]
-The raid must be cleared within 60 minutes or you will fail the raid.
-When you die, your character can use up to a maximum of 5 Soul Crystals.
-Upon entering Velcoffer's Nest, all characters receive a Velcoffer's Curse debuff which increases over time.
-The Curse increases by 1 stack per second. At 100 stacks, the Erosion debuff is applied and, as the curse stacks, its effects worsen by stages.
-Stage 1: No additional effects.
-Stage 2: You receive damage every 5 sec in proportion to your curse stage.
-Stage 3: You receive damage every 5 sec in proportion to your curse stage. Every hit you receive applies an additional 999 Dark property damage. The stage increases after primary boss Tainted Gargoyle.
-Stage 4: You receive damage every 5 sec in proportion to your curse stage. Every hit you receive applies an additional 999 Dark property damage. Nearby targets also become affected by the Erosion debuff.
-Stage 5: Every 10 sec you become stunned/petrified/silenced/blinded (one random status ailment at a time) for 3 sec. This Stage clears out after 30 sec, and the curse starts again from Stage 0.
-You will not receive Silver or EXP as rewards for clearing Velcoffer's Nest.
-You will receive Velcoffer Cubes for defeating the raid boss Velcoffer.
-Velcoffer Cubes contain the new level 360 equipment, recipes, Velcoffer Costume and Velcoffer Monster Card among others.
-You can also earn titles by completing Velcoffer's Nest Raid:
    -1 time: Rookie Velcoffer Slayer
    -25 times: Seasoned Velcoffer Slayer
    -50 times: Expert Velcoffer Slayer
    -100 times: Veteran Velcoffer Slayer
    -200 times: Ultimate Velcoffer Slayer

2. Ichor System

-A brand new Velcoffer equipment will not come with any pre-attached stat bonuses.
-Stat bonuses for Legend equipment can be added using Ichor, which can be extracted from random stat Lv 350 equipment and crafted Unique items.
-Through Ichor extraction, the stat bonuses of the equipment you used for extraction will be passed on to your Velcoffer equipment.
-The potential of your equipment will be deducted by 1 if you fail the Ichor extraction process.
-Failing Ichor extraction using an equipment of 0 potential will destroy the item.
[Ichor Extraction]
-Ichor can be extracted by the Blacksmith Teliavelis in Fedimian.
-Ichor extraction requires Sierra Powder and Ichor Extraction Kit.
-The Ichor extraction kit can be purchased from Blacksmith Teliavelis. 
-Below is the list of item series from which you can extract Ichors, by grade:
-Magic: Raffye, Basticle, Jevenellis, Irellis
-Rare: Bertas Raffye, Bertas Basticle, Bertas Jevenellis, Bertas Irellis
-Unique: Primus Raffye, Masinios, Primus Basticle, Primus Jevenellis, Primus Irellis, Ausura, Fietas, Laitas
[Ichor Application]
-Extracted Ichors can be applied to Lv 360 Legend items to transfer the stat bonuses of the original equipment from which the Ichor was extracted.
-Applying Ichor to an equipment requires Blessed Shards and Sierra Powder.
-Ichors are only applicable to the same type of equipment as the item they were extracted from.
-For example:
    -Primus Raffye Sword > One-handed sword Ichor > Velcoffer Sword(One-handed): YES
    -Primus Raffye Sword > One-handed sword Ichor > Velcoffer Sword(Two-handed): NO
    -Ausura Greaves(Plate) > Boots Ichor > Velcoffer Greaves(Plate): YES
    -Ausura Greaves(Plate) > Boots Ichor > Velcoffer Shoes(Cloth): NO

3. Set Bonus Effects

-Set bonus effects can be added to Velcoffer equipment using an item called Partis Solution.
-Partis Solution can be purchased from the Alchemist Master Vaidotas in the Miner's Village area.
-A portion of the EXP gained from killing monsters will be stored in the solution when activated before battle.
-Once the solution is fully charged, visit the Alchemist Master again to apply set bonus effects to your Lv 360 Legend gear.
-Set bonuses applied to gear will be chosen at random.
-A random prefix is generated when a set bonus effect is added to Velcoffer gear.
-There are a total of 5 different prefixes that group the different Velcoffer gear into sets.
-Bonus effects will come into effect starting from sets of 3 Velcoffer gears with the same prefix, up to a maximum of 5 gears.
-Weapons will also be counted as a part of a set, so you will be able to gain either 1 bonus effect with a 4-5 equipment set, or 2 different effects with a 3 equipment set x2.
-Some set stats add a special skill to your repertoire, which will appear in your Skills and Attributes info window.
Note: In order to interact with the Alchemist Master, you must first complete the 'Kidnapped Villagers' quest at the Miners' Village.

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