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The Tree of Savior programming team reveals the difficulties they faced on the way to solving the most common AMD-related problems, and how they’re working to improve the compatibility of AMD CPU/GPU systems with TOS once and for all in a soon-to-come update patch.

AMD Trouble

It’s no secret that Tree of Savior has long been a source of trouble for AMD PC users. First, there was the issue of Nazarene Tower becoming nearly unplayable in computers with AMD Phenom processors. We at the programming team knew that the problem couldn’t be related to the speed of AMD systems, but the fact that the symptoms of instability occurred only in certain maps made it difficult for us to get to the root of the issue.

Then, there was the problem of AMD CPUs twisting characters’ heads in an unnatural direction like they were in urgent need of an Exorcist (good thing they’re coming soon to TOS). As harmless as this visual bug was, it was pervasive enough among AMD users to become a common nuisance. Though we initially thought this issue was caused by the players’ GPU, later we found out that it was connected to AMD CPUs.

Finally, AMD GPUs were also found to be generating occasional glitches in UI graphics that made it seem like a hole had been punched into the screen.

What Went Wrong?

When computers process numbers, they separate them into integer values like 0, 1, 2, etc. and floating values like 3.14 or 5.4, for example. Floating point calculations are generally determined by a global technical standard called IEEE 754, but when it comes to more detailed operations, AMD and Intel CPUs can sometimes produce different result values.

This means that, even if we input the same formula with the same numbers, one CPU can produce a value of 0.99999994 while another generates a value of 1.0, for example. The difference between the two results may not be great, but when the acos (inverse function of the cosine) is calculated, if the result is not between 1.0 and -1.0 we are left with a NaN (not a number) value. When an error like this occurs in the code that turns the direction of the character’s body (a value between 0 and 360) into the 2D direction of the character’s face (a value between 0 and 7), an exception is created in the code and the face is incorrectly set to direction 0 (the direction facing the screen), which translates in-game to the dreaded neck twist visual bug.

With Nazarene Tower, the problem was once again in AMD and Intel CPUs’ processing differences. Whenever an exception value is added to the range operations used to check for collisions between the character and the background, AMD CPUs produce the worst results for the aforementioned NaN value calculations in all collision checks, causing severe frame drops throughout the map.

The UI glitches, on the other hand, were triggered by insufficient exception processing in previous DirectX graphic codes. NVIDIA graphics cards can generally display the right image even when the values input are slightly off, but we found that the same phenomenon could sometimes result in graphic bugs for computers with AMD GPUs.

The Solution

Finding the root of these bugs was no easy task, although the solution was relatively simple. For NaN-related issues, we simply added a process that corrects parameter values before the result is sent to the function that accepts numbers between 1.0 and -1.0.

To solve the visual glitches, we referenced the messages that appeared when DirectX warning levels were set to the maximum. Then, we adjusted the processes in a way that eliminates exceptions and inputs only values that result in good operations.

AMD-related problems have been plaguing Tree of Savior for far too long, so we couldn’t be happier about finally being able to fix them. There is still plenty of work to be done in terms of overall optimization and stability, but we at the programming team are glad to be on the way to making TOS a faster and smoother game every day.

New Class: BGM Movie Trailer

Pied Pipers play the flute to control enemies or create beneficial effects for their allies. Friends and foes alike find themselves entranced by the Pied Piper’s mesmerizing tunes.

Exorcists use magic of divine properties to expel evil energies and overthrow demonic enemies. In today’s world, the Exorcist’s purifying abilities are more than ever a necessity.

ToS: New 5/29 Patch in 3 Minutes
(Velcoffer's, Transcendence, New PvP Gamemode!)

Klaipeda / Team Name: Faydark

Sugestion: ToS - Card Game (Fanmade)

Silute / Team Name: TkMagnus

  • "Some details of the cards:
  • Class Cards: Who represent the player.
  • Boss Cards: Base on all the cards found ingame.
  • Monsters cards: based on all monsters ingame and adapted to the TCG.
  • Item Cards: Used to support ur monsters.
  • NPC Cards: Based on all npcs ingame. Their effect always affects both players.
  • Legendary Cards: Stronger versions of cards that already exist.
    The NPCs of the goddesses will always be legendary cards."

Rainbow Trek All Maps Run!

Silute / Team Name: Wonderlland

Party in Wonderlland

Silute / Team Name: Wonderlland

"When we start a new game we usually start alone, and in Tree of Savior playing alone makes its journey more difficult, so, over time, we find new friends that accompany us during these adventures and together we become strong and united, we grow as a character and we become a Guild, full of people who support each other and fight together against any enemy!

The story of ToS is very good but when going through
it with friends it is even more interesting and fun!

Start your adventure too, but remember to look for good companions!

Many thanks to all who participated in the video and could make it become real!"

We previously asked on the forums about casual and life content you would like to see in Tree of Savior. Now, the devs share their thoughts on some of the most requested features from the official thread!

Idea: Companion Growth

A system that rewards players for the time and care invested in their Companions based on a trust level.

Dev Comments: We looked at your suggestions for the expansion of the Companion system and we felt very inspired to start a bit of a feature overhaul. It’s definitely in our plans now.

Idea: Marriage

A partnership formed between two players that grants both of their characters perks like special visual effects.

Dev Comments: We’re not sure if we would call it “marriage” exactly, but we do like the idea of an in-game relationship status that offers more than the existing Friends List functions.

Idea: Faith System

A feature that gives players different benefits according to the goddess they worship.

Dev Comments: We love the idea of ingraining the goddess-worshipping aspect of TOS lore into the actual gameplay. That said, we aren’t sure if we would include any stat buffs in the faith benefits.

Idea: Housing

Customizable guild or personal housing (Lodge) options.

Dev Comments: We’re very much in favor of both guild and individual housing features. Looking at our current plans, however, we believe a kind of guild housing system might arrive before a personal, Lodge-based one. It’s still early to tell how it will work out, but we may release more information about it soon enough.

Idea: Cooking

Combining ingredients to produce food that grants particular effects when consumed.

Dev Comments: As it happens, we currently have a farming system in the works that will also include some cooking functions. We are developing this feature in a way that does not interfere with the Squire class’ abilities.

Idea: Playing Music

A function that lets players play their own music using in-game instruments.

Dev Comments: You may have seen the recent Pied Piper class previews where one of the Rest Mode functions lets you play the flute using the game’s controls. This is only the first of many music playing features we plan to introduce in TOS little by little. We have plans to add musical instrument functions not just through class skills, but quests and other gameplay components as well.

Idea: Party Duels

A PvP mode that pits players in the same party against each other in a friendly match.

Dev Comments: This is a good idea. We would like to work on it and add it to the game in a future patch.

Idea: Guild Quests and Buffs

An option to play quests as a guild, and special buffs granted to members who complete certain missions or activities within the guild.

Dev Comments: We are still in the process of enhancing the benefits and activities players get when they join a guild. We currently have a few improvements in mind that we are preparing to bring forth in a future dev blog post.

Idea: Class Master Hairstyles

Class Master NPC hairstyles available as equippable hairstyles for player characters.

Dev Comments: We recently put up a thread in the forums where players could vote for their favorite Class Master hairstyles, and we managed to collect plenty of feedback from there. Thanks to that thread, we have officially decided to add the Miko Master’s hair (for female characters) and one popular male NPC hair to the game at the end of the summer.

Idea: New Weapon Types

New usable weapon items like sickles, whips, magic books, dual swords, etc.

Dev Comments: Creating classes able to wield new types of weapons definitely sounds like fun, but we’re worried about the compatibility problems that might cause with other classes. We would need to very careful about planning a class like this, but we love the new weapon ideas and we would be willing to work on them someday if we find a good solution.

Idea: New Companion Classes

New Companion-focused classes like the Hunter (for example, a Monster Tamer class).

Dev Comments: We aren’t avoiding the creation of more Companion-focused classes on purpose, but so far any related plans have always been surpassed by other ideas. If the chance presents itself, however, we are very open to developing new classes catered to Companion training and usage.

Idea: Production Activities

Useful activities related to producing and collecting materials like chopping wood, casting and forging metals, farming, etc.

Dev Comments: First, we would like to address the low influence of production activities in the economy and life content of the game. We believe that, if we can improve the value of the production functions we have now, we’ll have a much better environment in which to introduce new forms of production activities.

  • Reichsgebiet Armee
  • Region: SEA Telsiai
  • Current Guild Level: 14
  • Guild Leader: Bluegates
  • Co-Lead 1: The_Bluesorrow
  • Co-Lead 2: Yunseo
  • View Detail
  • Dynasty
  • Region: NA Klaipeda
  • Current Guild Level: 17
  • Guild Leader: Starkisch
  • Co-Lead 1: Lin-Yue
  • Co-Lead 2: PaleMoon
  • View Detail
  • Infinity
  • Region: NA Klaipeda
  • Current Guild Level: 14
  • Guild Leader: Imix
  • Co-Lead 1: Goldsweeper
  • View Detail
  • Pallium
  • Region: SA Silute
  • Current Guild Level: 17
  • Guild Leader: Campbell
  • View Detail
  • young&naive
  • Region: SEA Telsiai
  • Current Guild Level: 17
  • Guild Leader: DestinedWing
  • Co-Lead 1: Oneepunch
  • View Detail

Get ready for the makeover of your life at the new Beauty Shop in Klaipeda!

Tell Me More!

The Beauty Shop is a new hotspot for all things cosmetic coming soon to the city of Klaipeda, where you can try on and purchase new hairstyles and costumes with the help of the shop’s resident beauty experts.

The Beauty Shop is all the way up in the northern section of Klaipeda, near the Krivis Master.

The Beauty Shop consists of two separate floors, with a barber shop on 1F and a fashion boutique on 2F.

Sparkling Buff

Honey, you look dazzling!

Every time you step inside the Beauty Shop, a ‘Sparkling Buff’ that makes you shine and sparkle all over is applied to your character.

Buff icon looking fab.

When you buy a product from the Beauty Shop, the buff changes to a 30-minute duration that gives you not only the sparkling effect, but also +1 movement speed, +50 Looting Chance and +10% provocation per attack!

1F – Barber Shop

Anabell is the expert on female hairstyles, while Henry takes care of male customers.

The Beauty Shop’s first floor is managed by Henry and Anabell Swyn, the brother and sister in charge of hair style and color.

The barber shop offers the following services:

Barber Shop: Change Hairstyle

First select the hairstyle; then, choose your preferred color. Let’s go for the pink ombre.

This option alters your basic hairstyle (your “real hair”), which can be dyed or covered with a wig. While wigs can be equipped, unequipped and kept in your inventory, hairstyles are not an item and can only be changed at the barber shop.

If you feel like another hair makeover, all you need to do is head to the Beauty Shop again for a hairstyle change and/or dye! Here’s how much each procedure will cost you.

Barber Shop: Coupon Book

Interact with the hair stylist NPC to open your Coupon Book.

Every time you use the ‘Change Hairstyle’ option, you get one stamp on your Coupon Book. The stamps you collect can be exchanged for different discounts at the Beauty Shop. To get the best deal, you need to save up to 15 stamps (the stamps are consumed when you exchange them).

2F: Boutique

View of the Boutique’s interior, complete with the cutest fashion designer NPC.

Alright, let’s move on to the second floor: the fashion boutique!

On the second floor of the Beauty Shop you’ll find Kastytis waiting for you.

You can purchase costumes and Goddess’ Blessed Cubes from Kastytis.
Let’s try getting the Psychokino Special Costume. This character is not a Psychokino, but she can still wear the costume because it fits all female characters in the Wizard tree.

All costumes that are currently Circle 3-exclusive become available to all characters of the corresponding class tree, making them that much more accessible. Special costume skill motions, however, are only available for characters of the costume’s class (as they currently are).

The Goddess’ Blessed Cubes now sold periodically at the TP Shop will start to be released at the Beauty Shop instead.

Don’t forget to pay the Beauty Shop a visit when it finally opens for business! Keep an eye out for more news!

Check out some other features that are also being developed for the Beauty Shop!

Skin Tones, Beards, and More!

You’ll be able to change your character’s skin tone, add a beard and moustache, and even customize your eyebrows!

NPC Hairstyles and New Lenses

Miko Master

After the poll in our official forums, we’re going to be adding the Miko Master hairstyle in a deep black color and a mystery male Master hairstyle to the Beauty Shop! We’re also getting ready to release new eye lens colors and designs.

NPC Hairstyles

All the info you need to get started on TOS’ new PvP mode!

The Basics

Go up the stairs in the northern section of the Miners’ Village until you see the entrance to the Crystal Mine (PvP).

The Gemstone Feud is a PvP gameplay mode where two opposing camps battle each other for Gemstones that can be exchanged for valuable items. The entrance to the Feud is located in the Miners’ Village region.

Entry Schedule

You can enter the Gemstone Feud every day at 10 AM, 2 PM, 6 PM and 10 PM in your corresponding server region’s time zone. You have 10 minutes to join a session after it begins.

The Gemstone Feud is open to characters of level 350 and above, but there is no entry count limit (you can participate in all 4 sessions every day).

How to Play

After entering a session, you are automatically assigned one of two random camps: the Pledge of the Blade or the Golden Note. If you re-enter the session, your assigned camp may change.
Your goal is to destroy crystals and defeat monsters to obtain Gemstones.
If you defeat the exchanger NPC or a character in the opposing camp, you can steal part of their Gemstones.
Ten minutes after the start of the session, a boss monster appears in the center of the map. All members of the camp that defeats it receive 50 bonus points.
You can exchange your Mercenary Badges for different rewards at the Gemstone Feud entrance NPC.


Each Gemstone Feud session lasts 15 minutes. At the end of the session, the camp that exchanged the most Gemstones for points is declared the winner.

After the session, your points are converted into Mercenary Badges (maximum of 500 Badges). You will also receive a Badge bonus depending on whether your camp won (500 Badges) or lost (100 Badges).

The dev team is already working on improving the mechanics of the Gemstone Feud. Have a look at what’s in store!

Safe Zone

The current layout of the Gemstone Feud map makes it so that, if a camp is “pushed” to their starting point, it becomes difficult for them to push back and get any advantage over the opposing camp. In this environment, blocking the rival camp’s entrance point is often the most effective strategy, one that manages to surpass other tactical elements of the Feud.

Not only that, we would like to promote a diversity of roles in this gameplay mode where, unlike other PvP features like Team Battle League, not every character needs to be combat-focused.

Our plans are to build a Safe Zone delimited by a green line around your camp’s starting point, which will be moved to an open area of field. The Safe Zone will contain not only your camp’s exchanger NPC, but also two catapult turrets which you can use to attack characters of the rival camp.

Another thing we’re adding is a temporary Gemstone protection buff that lets you keep your collected Gemstones even if you are defeated by an opponent. The buff cancels automatically when you exchange your first set of Gemstones, or when the buff’s duration comes to an end.

Finally, monsters in the Feud are getting their HP cut in half to increase farming productivity (unlike Crystals, monsters will continue to spawn even after the boss is defeated).

Scores & Entry Schedule

The new scoreboard is going to display not just your Gemstone points but your kill total as well, allowing you to track your contributions in real-time.

At the end of the session, the results window will show the player responsible for the most points collected (SCORE MVP) and most kills (KILL MVP) in each camp. All MVPs receive additional points as reward.

Then, we have plans to include a new item – the Silver Ichor Extraction Kit – to the points shop.

The Silver Ichor Extraction Kit is a consumable item that lets you extract Ichors from equipment without the use of Sierra Powder. The Kit can be transferred via Team Storage, but it cannot be traded with other players.

Entry times will also be adjusted, with 2 sessions per day at 21:00 and 21:20 (adapted to the time zone of each server region). On the other hand, the number of points obtained per session increases by threefold, allowing players to gather a considerable amount of Mercenary Badges in less than a consecutive hour of gameplay.





10:00 – 10:15

14:00 – 14:15

18:00 – 18:15

22:00 – 22:15

21:00 – 21:15

21:20 – 21:35


Collected points (max. 500)
+ Victory 500 / Defeat 100

Collected points x3 (max. 1,500)

+ Victory 1,500 / Defeat 300

(+ SCORE MVP 900)

(+ KILL MVP 450)

PvP Rules

Just like what happens in TBL, we will be applying a few PvP rules to Gemstone Feud combat, particularly to crowd control and movement speed functions.

We will also be adjusting the Feud’s settings like so:

There are plenty of other improvements we still want to introduce in the Gemstone Feud as part of our efforts to better balance its PvP aspect and promote better server-to-client optimization and synchronization, so keep an eye out for more news!

The community spoke and TOS listened! Here are the latest convenience updates getting ready to debut in the game, all inspired by player feedback.

Lodge Character Order

This function lets you alter the order of your character slots in the Lodge, so you can have your main toons always at hand.

Unified World Map

We’re combining Warp Map and World Map functions, so you don’t have to go back and forth whenever you’re looking for the nearest Goddess Statue. When you use the Warp UI, you’ll be able to see all regions in the map, including the ones you can’t warp to.

System Messages

First, we’re going to add system messages for failed transcendence, incapability of combat in 4-star maps, failed enhancement in 0 potential items, and other useful information. Then, we’re adding a System Messages tab to your chat settings, where you can check or uncheck the kinds of messages you want to see. Each type of message will also come with its own distinctive color and icon.

Guild Tower Emblem

Guilds will be able to make the most out of their emblem by proudly displaying it on their guild tower.

Q&A With the Devs: TBL

The dev team comments on popular Team Battle League suggestions and feedback submitted by the community!

Q. TBL needs clearer rankings and
a more effective matching system.

We do have an ELO rating system in place for TBL, but the reason it isn’t always clear is the short resetting time of TBL seasons. Two hours of play per day are reset in units of one week, which is too short of a period to feel a significant difference. To rectify this, we want to implement a proper ELO system into the rankings and adjust the season resetting times. We also thought about creating different subranks for TBL, but considering the number of players participating at any given time, we figured that would inevitably create problems for auto-matching. The same is true for other suggestions like party matching. Still, we’re willing to consider these options depending on the players’ feedback and participation levels after gear standardization is introduced in TBL.

Q. Crowd control and status ailment skills are too powerful or inescapable.

We recognize that most skills in TOS aren’t 100% optimized for PvP, which is why crowd control skills have different duration and probability settings in PvP maps. We also use an effect decreasing system to deter the constant use of crowd control techniques, a system which we plan to readjust in terms of application and duration. The status changing system, previously determined by players’ SPR stat and then discarded from TBL, is also set out for a replacement, although that’s still going to require some internal discussion.

Q. The TBL arena is too small and boring. We want more interesting gameplay elements.

It’s still too soon to reveal anything specific, but after we stabilize Territory Wars and the Gemstone Feud a little more, our plans are to introduce new game modes into TBL that include different rules and types of arenas.

Q. Block is also too powerful and there’s no way to combat it in PvP.

We realize that the role of block in PvP is far more important than what would be desirable. Our plans for now are to reduce the currently high requirements of accuracy and block penetration stats, as they represent an additional burden to physical attack characters. We don’t want a complete overhaul of the block system; instead, we’ll revise the formulas used for calculating block values between opposing characters.

Q. Gear stat differences create too large of a gap between the players’ combat power.

As previously mentioned, we are on the way to developing standardized armor defense and weapon attack values in TBL matches. All gear stats will still apply, but the items will be given the same attack and defense according to rank and level. This will not only make TBL a fairer, more balanced game, but it will help lower the bar for participation. Other than this, we might consider additional elements to reduce damage between characters.

Uphill Defense

We have a few improvements coming to the Uphill Defense mission in Saalus Convent. First, there will be no more waiting period between each stage, and players will get additional points according to how fast they can clear the mission.

Monsters inside the mission will have their levels matched to that of the highest-level character in the party, discouraging players from recruiting low-level folks on purpose to reduce the difficulty. On the other hand, we will also be adjusting the monsters’ HP and attack values in a way that allows even lower level players to enjoy the mission without too much of a burden.

Meanwhile, monster spawn locations increase to 3 spots per line, and on every 9th stage a random boss monster appears in one of the map’s areas. Defeating this boss comes, of course, with a ranking point bonus. Also, starting from the middle stages you will see gimmick monsters start to appear, giving players a little something else to pay attention to when defending the torch.

Another major change we have in store is the mission’s entry limit, which expands from a single entry per day to 10 entries per week. Plus, the maximum number of points obtainable after clearing all the stages in one mission increases from 50 to 90 points.

The Priest’s Mass Heal and similar skills will no longer be able to restore the Divine Torch’s HP, and instances where the monsters stop attacking due to agro or skills should also get fixed.

Stage rewards will soon include Ancient Gold Coins, Enhancement Cards, 10 Uphill Defense Points and other useful items, with the contents of the Attok Box of Materials also getting an update (older Boxes will continue to drop items from the current setup).

As for the points shop, some items are set to be removed, while new ones are added to the list; the price of the Lesser Panda Box is also being adjusted. Finally, we’re creating new character titles for Uphill Defense participation, boss hunting and point shop exchanges.

Mishekan Forest Guild Quest

Mishekan Forest is the next Lv 18 Guild Quest to make it into the game.

In this quest, the monsters have been using a set of portals in Mishekan Forest to take over the local shelter. The refugees tried as they could to resist, to no avail. It’s up to your group of brave adventurers to defend their base and eliminate the intruding monsters.

Your goal is to destroy the monsters’ portals and protect the refugee’s shelter, and one way you can do that is by collecting the sacks spread throughout the forest and delivering them to Waltas and Nagles in exchange for strategic items.

The mission ends after you destroy all the portals and defeat the boss monster.

But that’s not all. The forest contains a number of Obelisks which make the monsters stronger. The Obelisks have the power to regenerate themselves, and it’s your mission to find a way to destroy them for good.

With the introduction of this new quest, we are also expanding the rewards for previous guild quests and increasing their Ripped Legend Enhancement Card, Old Legend Enhancement Card and Heretic Pantorex Card drop rates by about 2 times.

NEW! Remnants of Bernice Dungeon

Remnants of Bernice is an entirely new dungeon already in preparation for a future update.

The story begins with a request from the Oracle Master to defeat the monsters that appeared on the remnants of a place called Bernice Island, after Medzio Diena caused multiple space gaps to appear all around the world.

Inside the Remnants of Bernice dungeon, players stand out solo and try to reach the highest stage possible within the 15-minute time limit.

Each stage requires you to defeat a set of monsters which increase in number and combat power as the stages progress. After a certain stage, the roster also includes Elite monsters.

Every week you can attempt to beat your own record and get your name in the ranking boards with all the other top players. Keep your eye out for more news on this special dungeon!

Changing to a Fixed-Price System

As of now, players are free to set their own prices for personal shops (repair, spell shops, etc.); our plans, however, are to introduce a fixed-price system for all shops.

The current system may allow for more freedom in the game’s economy, but more often than not it creates an abundance of no-margin and scam shops. With a fixed-price setup, our hope is to guarantee shop owners a fair amount of profit and have shops compete not through price, but through location and specs. This change of systems will of course come with a few other adjustments.

Unified Weapon and Armor Maintenance

Squire skills Weapon Maintenance and Armor Maintenance will be united into a single Circle 1 skill: Equipment Maintenance. The new skill will require Charcoal Stone consumables and allow players to process weapon and armor items through the same UI. Related attributes will, too, be unified, with all attribute points returned to the characters when the update hits.

Awakening, Now in Shop Form

The Alchemist’s ability to add bonus stats to items by awakening them will be simplified in the form of a personal shop, replacing the current dungeon system. As material, Awakening shops will consume an item called Awakening Powder, sold by the Alchemist Master.

Players looking to awaken their gear can simply visit an Alchemist shop and register the item on the shop’s UI to apply the extra stats. Customers can also register their own Awakening Stones when using the shop to prevent the item from losing Potential.

As for the Oracle’s Switch Gender shops, which prices can vary greatly according to the supply of materials, they too will operate like the new Awakening shops. It will be the responsibility of the customer to farm their own Mirror of Truth or purchase it from the Market and register it on the shop’s UI to complete the procedure. To the owner of the shop, the transaction will instead consume Holy Water.

New Prices and Attributes




Prime Cost

New Price



Charcoal Stone
180 x proportion


City 360 (40%)
Field 500 (94%)


Repair Kit
80 x proportion


City 140 (23%)
Field 200 (75%)


Gem Roasting

3,000 x 1


10,000 (233%)


Awakening Powder
3,000 x 1


10,000 (233%)



Portal Stone
5,000 x 1


8,000 (12%)


Enchant Armor

Big Spellbook
2,000 x 1


5,000 (75%)



Magnifying Glass
100 x proportion


200 (40%)


Spell Shop:
Magic DEF+

Holy Water (50) x 10
Holy Powder (20) x 25
Gyslotis (35) x 14
Holy Water (50) x 10


City 800 (12%)
Field 1,200 (68%)


Switch Gender

Holy Water
50 x 100


20,000 (280%)
+ Mirror of Truth

As you can see, Squire and Pardoner shops will yield different amounts of profit depending on their location. This is because, while both kinds of shop are offered limited competition in cities, on fields they’re able to cover different points of combat where the players most need them.

Market UI

We’re getting ready to revamp part of the Market UI, as part of our efforts to make it more convenient and easy to use. The first move will be to rearrange the Market categories like so:

- One-handed Swords
- Two-handed Swords
- Rods
- Staffs
- Crossbows
- Bows
- One-handed Blunts
- Two-handed Blunts
- One-handed Spears
- Two-handed Spears
- Rapiers
- Muskets
- Daggers
- Pistols
- Cannon

- Top
- Bottom
- Boots
- Gloves
- Shield

- Bracelets
- Necklaces

- Costumes
- Hair Costumes 1
- Hair Costumes 2
- Hair Costumes 3
- Wings
- Effects
- Armbands
- Toys

- Weapons
- Armor
- Accessories
- Others

- Potions
- Scrolls
- Other Consumables
- Premium Consumables

- Regular Materials
- Mineral Materials
- Special Materials

- Red Gems
- Blue Gems
- Green Gems
- Yellow Gems
- White Gems
- Monster Gems
- Gem Abrasives

- Red Cards
- Blue Cards
- Green Cards
- Purple Cards
- Legend Cards
- Card Albums
- Enhancement Cards

In the case of equipment items, the listing will include grade and stage of transcendence, identification status, main stats and sockets, gems, potential and random stats, allowing you to sort the items in the UI. Hair accessory listings will also display the corresponding enchant stats.

You can use the filtering function on the left to fine-tune your search according to grade, transcendence stage, enhancement and stats.

Another new feature is a filter that automatically displays listings of the material items needed for a recipe when you click on a listed recipe. We will also be adding more useful information to listings of gems, cards, potions and other special items.

Until then, keep tuning in for more development news!